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A Sense of Freedom

Happy engaged horses need to feel free in their mind and bodies. My horses remind me of this all the time. I am also reminded of this as I travel and do clinics. One of the most common things I see as people are progressing with their work is horses that become reluctant to move. When I meet new students and we begin our training, one of the main focusses is for the horses to find freedom of the mind. Without freedom of the mind, our horses lose their beautiful movement. Horses that are trained under a dominance model, even [...]

Give to get

I give to my horse by releasing the pressure to get the desired action that I asked for, sounds reasonable doesn’t it? I remember early in my marriage, I would sometimes say to my husband, “if you do this for me, I will do that for you”. I never got a good response, in fact it really annoyed him. I didn’t really understand his high level of irritation, it sounded reasonable to me! Many years later I now understand why he was so irritated. When we give with an expectation of getting, it’s a selfish act. It’s about us. The [...]

Exploring Ribbleton Attunement and the Mèrens horse

We find ourselves on a grass arena, surrounded by the 12 horses that will carry us on the transhumance. The arena has a view that you need to keep reminding yourself of. To the right the view is down a valley with stone house farms scattered through the hills which rise up around us. It is so lush and green. The trees are thick with shade and health. Wild grasses, wild flowers, white, orange, purple and red raise their perfect petals all around us. To our left, the Pyrénées rise high up, teasing us that Spain is just over the [...]

A Ribbleton horse led-adventure – Our human herd arrives

Our human herd arrives We are a new group of 10 people. We all feel a little trepidation as to what this horse-led adventure in the Pyrénées will bring. During our first morning together we look at what it is to be in the present moment. We look at what it is to live as a horse lives. Moment to moment, each moment full of life and full of experiences. Not thinking of the past, not thinking of the future. Just being present, sensing all we can sense. After lunch we head to the Mérens herd. Our brief is to [...]

At one with the Mèrens horse – Day 1

Strong, black, aware, gentle and powerful. I feel the communication around me as I stand in the herd of 40 Mérens horses. Little conversations are taking place all around me. They are all aware of me, but yet present in their own moment. Some of the horses are now back together after being separate for some time in the preparation for their journey to the mountains. They communicate to each other to understand how this time has affected them and how to move forward together. Squeals, fast-moving bottoms, stamping and head tossing are the obvious signs of communication, but there [...]

“Refining my senses of when to pull back and not ask for more than the horse is willing to offer”.

"Dear Paulette This is Tamara in Los Angeles. I wanted to tell you that I absolutely LOVE watching the sessions on the Ribbleton Online Training each week! Having never had a foal, it is absolutely so great to see how they develop and how you approach and work with them. They are so honest with their responses and they give you such clear answers and communication every time. It is wonderful to watch how you listen and respond to each one as an individual. Truly anyone who values horsemanship and partnership at all would benefit greatly by watching and learning [...]

Everything has changed in the way I approach riding.

Taking the Ribbleton Attunement approach to riding has been a really interesting, challenging but extremely worthwhile and rewarding experience. When Expresso returned home after 6 years, the first thing I needed to do was to get him to voice his opinion. He was a very obedient, highly strung and disconnected horse that had been eventing. He never said no because he didn't know he was permitted to. I didn't ride him for the first 6 months. I have now been riding him once a week for about a year. I know I am an effective rider and can push a [...]

Good feelings in the mind show in the body!

Ribbleton Attunement - Working in harmony and inspiring responsiveness Good feelings in the mind show in the body! An obedient horse will do what he is told to do. A willing horse will embrace what he is asked to do. The way you think about working with your horse and the way you approach your horse will have a big effect on how they respond. Everything we do with horses they will either embrace or exclude us. From leading to riding to ground work to liberty, our goal should be for our horses to embrace working with us. In this [...]

Inspiring Responsiveness

She enters the arena with excitement and trepidation. I stop, fall still and allow my instincts, my emotions to guide me. She walks to the fence and begins to chew on the rails. I feel that this chewing is to distract her, a way for her to settle her mind. She is a mare full of power. A mare full of beauty. A gentle non-confrontational mare. My desire is to build her confidence, to have her feel the power in her body. I want to share in a place of self-control, a place where we can slow down the movement [...]

Self awareness as a horse trainer!

I have a wonderful job. I get to travel around the country helping people to improve their relationships with their horses. Some people come to me because they are having problems getting their horse to do the things they want, some people come to me because they feel the horse is not happy or eager to work with them and other people come just because they want to be the best owner they can be for their horse. When I first meet the horse and owner, I ask them to take the tack off the horse. Once the horses is [...]