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Horses that communicate with their owners have a much greater chance of being happy, of wanting to be with their owner and over time they will become inspired to learn. When we open up communication with​​​​ our horse we can stop any conflict that may exist. Join us as we teach our horses that they can communicate with us in a constructive gentle way that will enhance our training together.

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This course is like no other! Unique, empowering, and designed with YOU and YOUR HORSE in mind. This intensive course will give you all the information and inspiration you need to go out to the arena full of calm confidence. Your training toolbox will be brimming with new ideas, while keeping the conversation flowing & allowing your horse a voice when you’re together.

Living the Horse Documentary Film

Online or DVD - From $14.90

Do you have a horse that has changed your life? Some of us are lucky enough to have a horse come into our lives that forces us to look for other ways. My beautiful black mare Foxy Lady is a catalyst for change. She has had a marked impact on the lives of many people and horses. Join us as we uncover the essence of this change.

Attuned Trailer Loading - Online Course

28 Lessons for just $149

Our attuned approach focuses on working together with our horses to develop their bravery. Bravery is linked closely to self-control. You can’t make a horse feel brave, but you can encourage them to stretch themselves and feel good in the process. But how do we know if we are stretching them too much or not? This online course will help you understand this critical step.

Let the Journey Begin - Online Course

A Course Suited to Everyone! 

Communication is the KEY to a successful relationship whether it be with a human or a horse. Each moment are horses are saying “this is how it feels to be with you”. This feedback will be some of the most honest feedback that you will ever receive. So prepare yourself to gain a deeper understanding of horse behaviour & communication.

Mini Course - Why does my horse do that?

A Great Introduction to Attunement - just $39

I will help you look at your everyday horse problems from a different perspective and give you practical ideas to take into the paddock & arena. I will help you consider training from the horse’s perspective, figure out what your horse needs, & help you to approach challenges in a nontraditional way.