3 – My SECRET to becoming attuned with your horse

Share27Share +10Tweet0Share0Pin1 This is my Facebook LIVE video all about this SECRET. I encourage you to watch it on Facebook so you can see all the live comments [click here] My SECRET to becoming Attuned with your horse Applying the concept of Attunement is the first valuable step to building on the unique connection you and your horse have. Attunement is a fundamental principle of the Ribbleton philosophy. But, I hear you say, “what does Attunement mean”? attunement. noun. being or bringing into harmony; a feeling of being "at one" with another being When you’re attuned to someone you’re aware [...]

4 – My SECRET to giving your horse a voice

Share26Share +10Tweet0Share0Pin1 My SECRET to giving your horse a voice I want to share with you one of my SECRETS to giving my horses a voice. When I talk about my horses having a voice, I mean that they communicate with me through their body language and facial expressions their opinion about things like whether they want to do training that day, how they feel about my suggestions during training, and how they feel about being with me. Let’s start by thinking about the benefits to our horse’s having a voice: Giving our horse a voice opens up 2 way [...]

2 – My SECRET to you & your horse feeling successful

27 sharesShare20Share +11Tweet0Share4Pin2 This is my Facebook LIVE video all about this topic. I encourage you to watch it on Facebook so you can see all the live comments [click here] My SECRET to you & your horse feeling successful To build a deep, trusting relationship with our horses we first have to find out how they are feeling when we’re with them. Being guided by how our horses feel leads us to both feeling successful when we are together. Would you like me to show you how? It’s actually not that hard at all and it leads to real [...]

1 – My SECRET to happiness with your horse

My SECRET to happiness with your horse begins with your own self-awareness Self awareness is an ongoing exploration of ourselves. Being self aware is about understanding our own thoughts, feelings & behaviours. The better we are at this, the better we can accept ourselves and our horses, whatever point we are at on our own personal journey! And yes, this creates a more mindful and joyful state of being. I want to share with you 5 steps I’ve found to be really helpful to practice self awareness to create happiness with my horses. STEP 1: You need to become aware that [...]

Breeding a foal – A REALITY CHECK

Yesterday I received my 5th call for the season of people wanting help as they have tragically lost their mare or foal or both in the birthing process. The lady I spoke to yesterday was kind enough to allow me to share her experience in the hope that people really rethink if breeding a foal at home is a good idea. Samantha did everything right. She read books, she got the vets advice, she had a foaling alarm, she had her mare in a safe paddock…… but the night before last she lost her precious mare giving birth. She now [...]

Are our expectations blocking our progress with our horses?

Life has its own rhythm and its own natural course to follow, yet we still insist on trying to control how everything unfolds. This is particularly true when we are talking about training horses. We know what we want from our horses, we expect them to behave in a certain way and if we don’t get what we want, we are unhappy and frustrated. We then begin searching for how to fix our horse that won’t fit in the box we have created in our mind. In contrast, it is a really amazing feeling when you are able to take [...]

Trick for a treat! Yes or No….

I guess the first question you need to ask yourself is "do you want to build a two-way relationship with your horse, or do you want your horse to complete the tasks you are setting for him or her, that is to be obedient?". I am not a fan of using treats or clickers to teach horses. I believe it creates a false relationship. Let me explain what I mean... When we have done something really good with a horse, most of us want to reward them and our go to is usually pats or treats. This is where I [...]

Rules, rules and more rules!!!

Hi Everyone I had two great questions from our online student Erica that I just answered. Q1 - I always notice your movement with the horses and see you moving backwards a fair amount. I was always taught that we must do everything possible to NOT move backwards, because doing so would indicate ‘being moved’ by them, or being ‘less’ in rank. and conversely we can bring about more confidence in an insecure horse by letting them move us. As I watch our herd I always notice that horses lower in rank are moved easily off their spot, while the [...]

Are you in control?

We as a human race have subjugated horses for a long as we can remember. Many years ago it was to make our daily lives easier as they were used for transport and farm work. We have taken them to war. Wars that make absolutely no sense to horses who are a peaceful animal. Today we don’t need them in the same way, yet we still yearn for our horses to do what we say and meet our needs. A room full of trophies, a trainer with many clever techniques to get the horse doing what they want, a problem [...]

Vulnerability is needed.

“People perceive it as a weakness, but new research reveals it’s the master key to an extraordinary life.” Social Scientist Brene Brown. I feel so moved by what happened today with Expresso and I have been contemplating all day if I will share my feelings in a blog or not. As my mind mulled over what took place this morning the overwhelming word that kept coming to my mind was “vulnerable”. What took place this morning was so beautiful and moving and it came from a place of vulnerability. Vulnerability carries a negative connotation. Perhaps this is because we use [...]