Coaching – Are you ready for a new perspective? 

People spend a lot of time thinking about how to care for their horse. They want to be sure that they are doing the best for their horse. They educate themselves by “great” trainers on how to keep their horse, how to train their horse and how to ride their horse. People usually have goals on what they want to achieve with their horse.

Have you ever wondered what you horse would like? Have you ever wondered what matters to your horse? Have you ever wondered how you can be useful to your horse in your horse’s eyes?

Maybe you have a foal or a youngster. Have you wondered how you can help your foal make sense of our human world and embrace all that we have to offer?

Dreaming about starting a new journey with a Ribbleton foal? 

You can develop friendship, respect and trust with nearly any horse of any age if you have the right approach and desire. I have found time and time again that there’s often an even deeper connection between horse and owner when they have shared time together from birth.

Young foals are also far more dependent and impressionable than mature adult horses. Most do not want to face this brave new world by themselves and are quicker to cling to their kind caretaker, whereas adults can sometimes be more aloof at first and require more time to develop a deeper bond.

If you are looking for a life long friend, maybe it’s time to consider a foal? We often hear people describe problems with their horses. If you purchased your horse as a mature horse, then you probably don’t really know what the first 3-5 years of it’s life were like? It could be possible that the upbringing and approach to the young horse has something to do with the problems now?

“But I don’t have enough experience or What do I do for the first 3 years?” I have heard these concerns many times and they are natural concerns. One of the biggest misconceptions in the young horse world is that working with them is difficult and potentially dangerous. Properly done developing a relationship is fun, easy and safe when you put the relationship first. Don’t worry if you haven’t owned a young horse before. You can enjoy the delights that only a foal can offer with our support and guidance.

Imagine if you were in control of the partnership process of your foal right through to adulthood and beyond! The development both psychologically and physically of your young horse is the key to your successful partnership.

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