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“Unblock the Path to Connection”

This training is for you if...

  • You're struggling to connect with your horse
  • You're lacking confidence
  • You want to change the way your horse behaves
  • You want to find a way to authentically train your horse that doesn't use pressure & release, controlling tactics OR treats!
  • You already know that Horse Listening & Tuning in (Attunement) resonate with you & you want to learn HOW

Ribbleton Attunement empowers you to be the kind of human your horse sees as both important & inspiring!


...obedience didn't translate into happiness and connection...

Studying with Paulette has changed my relationship with my horse because I now realize that obedience didn't translate into happiness and connection with my horse. This was the piece that I was missing. I'm starting to unlock more and more of my horse's heart and desire to be with me.


I was totally enthralled...

Watching was an amazing experience!  I was totally enthralled and felt that I could really relate to everything that you said.


My biggest hurdle has been believing in myself...

I have 4 pages of notes!  My take away is that if I can change my beliefs about myself I can impart that courage to my horse to want to be with me. My biggest hurdle has been believing in myself and therefore not making my horse feel safe with me. I am hopeful the relationship can be what I have always dreamed of!

Paulette Clark, founder of Ribbleton Horse Attunement:

I'm passionate about changing the world for horses and humans. In this FREE Online Clinic Webinar I'm going to challenge everything you’ve been told in the past about training horses, and show you the way forward - inspired leadership for yourself & your horse that will transform your life. It's grounded in 2-way understanding & communication. Join me to learn more about my philosophy.