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Here's what others have to say...

  • Lynda says "When I had my Discovery call I was extremely emotional & sceptical that Ribbleton could help me with my horse. Talking to the Ribbleton coach I shed tears explaining my issues with a beautiful natured horse that had become aggressive over the last 6yrs from traditional training. By the end of my call my mind was already in a better place & eager to be a better trainer for my horse. I committed because I bred my horse & there was NO way I was ready to pass him on to someone else."
  • Nancy says "The Discovery Call was just that. Discovering and pinpointing the areas where I felt conflict, insecurity, hopelessness, doubt, and even fear when working with my horse. Just being able to express those feelings out loud was uplifting. Someone listened without judgement, validated my feelings, offered hope, and presented a new path of discovery for me and my beloved horse. We will forever be impacted by that call and we aren't looking back."