Have you heard this before?

Your horse is too much for you!

You are not experienced enough for a horse like that.

You should sell that horse!

You are too soft with your horse. You need to show them who's the boss!

What if I said... it's not true!

YOU are enough for your horse 

you are exactly where you need to be right now

It can be hard for you to believe in yourself, especially if people around you are telling you otherwise. They want you to be just like them. They believe they have all the answers. This can lead you to feeling like you have nothing to offer or are unworthy.

I'm here to help you realize that you are enough. You are unique. Your horse is unique and this means that your relationship is unique. It's no different to our relationships with humans. My relationship with my husband is our own unique relationship. One of the most important parts in our relationship is that we embrace who each other is. We don't set out to change each other to meet our own needs. It's no different to your relationship with your horse.


And when we truly accept each other... that's when the magic begins!

Do you feel like you are enough?

I want you to see all the amazing things you possess 

and all the beautiful things you could offer your horse.

Here are 3 simple steps that you can do to start believing in yourself... 

1. Remember why you have your horse

You can take stock of why you have your horse because I bet it is not to meet other peoples expectations of how your relationship should look. It may be difficult to believe in yourself if you are always trying to please others. Ask yourself, what do you love about your horse and your relationship?

2. Surround yourself with the right energy

The level of self-esteem and self-love you have is highly dependent on who you surround yourself with. You can do your part in trying to love yourself but it's hard to do it alone, you need a helpful and loving inner circle.

If you're having trouble seeing all the wonderful things about yourself, you can make new friends by joining our online Facebook community & get fresh open perspectives and feel supported along the way.

3. Remind yourself

Repeat this out loud as often as you can

"I am enough and YOU are enough too"

You and your horse are perfect just as you are. Reminding yourself often that YOU are enough and YOUR horse is enough too is incredibly powerful. Try it out, I think you will be amazed by how empowered it will leave you feeling. And YES you do need to say it out loud.  

You can be that fun, inspiring horse trainer that brings out enthusiasm & joy in your horse. Your dreams are within your reach.

I can help you tap into everything inside of you that you already have. Whether you have just bought your first horse or you are more experienced - looking for a new way forward, you are in the right place. 

My Attunement work will challenge you to think about your horse in new ways. You will no longer feel the need to compare yourself to others, instead you will learn to stay open and curious with your horse, fostering a kind and mindful approach to interacting and training. I will show you how to…

Join me for some FREE training and 
let me show you how to realise your potential..

I'm Paulette Evans from Ribbleton Attunement. I live in Sydney, Australia with my family and beautiful herd of horses.

I'm here to guide you and your horse to open up a conversation in a way that will take you and your horse to the next level of connection.

Let me know your thoughts...

  1. I actually don’t have a horse and probably never will because I don’t have the funds or knowledge. However I have loved them since childhood and I think they are the most beautiful and intelligent creatures. The experiences I have had in the past with trainers have not been good because it appeared to me that the horses were not treated properly. I am a complete novice, yes but you don’t have to be an expert to realize that force and mistreatmemt makes perhaps an obedient horse eventually but also an unwilling and unhappy one. I stopped taking riding lessons since I did not appreciate her treatment of a green young horse with bad habits that was put into her care by the parents of a teenager. When I saw her trying to slap some manners into him I was done!