I’m Paulette Clark and I’m excited to be running my Horse-Led Retreats on the east coast of Australia. Our Attunement work focuses on helping you find harmony and responsiveness with your horse. Our goal is simple: we aim to inspire our horses to want to be with us and to learn. We are looking forward to sharing our world with you in a stunning location on the border of NSW and VIC.

Our retreat is for 5 days & 6 nights. Arriving on Wednesday 2nd October and departing on Tuesday 8th October 2019. 

During your stay I will help you understand how to work with horses in a way that is meaningful to the horse. If your horse likes what you have to offer then they are going to want to be with you. This will open up a whole world of possibilities for you & your horse.

We only have ONE place left. 

We encourage you to bring your own horse, but if you are unable or if you are coming from another location, we can provide you with a horse that you will work with for the duration of your stay.

Get ready to open your mind to the amazing opportunities we have with our horses when we approach them in a different way!

 What will you experience during our retreat?

Explore your Energy

Explore the effect your energy has on your horse in our daily training sessions. Understand how the things you say, the things you think, the things you do—even the things you don’t do—all produce energy that impacts you and the horse. You’ll learn to find the right energy within yourself to work in harmony with your horse.

Connect your Mind Body & Spirit

Explore techniques that tap into your mind-body-spirit connection allowing you to uncover some of your unconscious programming that is limiting your success with your horse. Create new rituals that will help you to come into the present moment and create responsiveness with your horse.

Develop your Intuition

Immerse yourself in our deeply meditative retreat with a difference. You will discover a more intuitive way of being, working with balance and learning to connect with yourself so you can communicate more effectively with your horse. You will become a more peaceful, easy, balanced and empowered self.

We will be welcomed by Jane Reid of Banyandah (meaning 'home on the water'). Her stunning property is located on the Murray River with the majesty of the gums that line its banks.

We will be staying in The Light House located on the property. A magnificent, architect-designed purpose-built facility – unique with poured earth walls and attention to detail.

Banyandah, Howlong, NSW, Australia


There are four rooms, each with two single beds in bunk style and two bathrooms. Adjacent to the beautifully appointed kitchen is a superb lounge area with TV/DVD.

In an atmosphere of deep trust and harmony, you can come together with the other students in an immersive journey of discovery...

What is included in our Ribbleton Horse-led Retreat?

  • 6 nights accommodation in The Light House in shared rooms
  • All of your meals for 5 days with catering to individual desires
  • A loan horse if you can not bring your horse
  • A yard for your horse at Banyandah
  • Rotation access to the paddocks for your horse
  • 400 scenic acres that you can explore with your horse
  • Daily Attunement groundwork learning with your horse
  • Mindfulness training & experiences
  • Practices to transform your mind, body and soul in tranquillity

International Guests are WELCOMED by all the Ozzies!

What do others have to say?

Charlotte from Australia

Working with Paulette is incredible. It has completely changed the way I communicate with my horse. Helping me to harness my personal energy and use it in such positive ways will help me in all facets of my life. Paulette is so kind and insightful. I would recommend her work to anyone who has an open mind to learn a better way with horses. x

Jeanne from United States

Paulette is a wonderful teacher always observing, listening and communicating for a deeper level of connection with the horse. A wonderful physical, mental and emotional journey with horses filled with life enriching lessons. The sights and places were beautiful and magical. The people and horses will always have a special place in my heart. Thank you soooo very much!

Paige from United States

I participated in Paulette's Texas retreat. My friend and I hauled our horses from Oregon for 4 days to attend it. A couple months before I had watched Paulette's documentary film "Living The Horse". Hearing Paulette talk about giving up control and needing to change so resonated with me and spoke to my heart. When the opportunity came to attend her Texas retreat it was an easy decision to make.

I had been doing Natural Horsemanship for several years and was totally stuck. My horse was obedient, but in an arena setting lacked the connection with me that I so desired. Working with Paulette for the 5 day retreat it became apparent to me why this connection was not happening... I was not listening to my horse. I could read my horse, but actually listening is something very different.

The retreat was a really special cherished experience for me. We learned about putting the horse's needs first by being a good listener, being present, grounded and purposeful. Paulette's fun and passionate energy was energizing to be around. It was such a meaningful experience for me in so many ways and feel like I now can be different with my horse by being grateful for all my horse has to offer "good and bad", instead of always "wanting and expecting" from my horse. We learned about empowering our horses which is something I am really hoping other horse lovers will be open to learn about in this evolving world of horsemanship. Paulette put her heart and soul every day into each and every one of us and I am so thankful for her work.