Ribbleton Attunement Wisdom

At Ribbleton we have conversations with our horses that are intrinsically motivating!

We don't use negative reinforcement including pressure and release methods and we don't use positive reinforcement including treats and bribery! In fact, here is the big difference... we don't use reinforcement at ALL! No one wants to be treated this way including your horses. At Ribbleton we create internally motivating conversations - it's called intrinsic motivation and it means your horse wants to be with you because it makes them feel good. 

True Liberty

The word liberty means freedom. If you've got to "train" your horse to stay with you by using ropes, treats, clickers, round yards, pressure to stick to you etc, then it isn't liberty at all. It's simply conditioning! They are with you because they are obedient, not because they want to be with you. True liberty simply means that your horse likes being with you, is inspired to be with you and because of this they stay with you! 

Mental Freedom

Choice creates desire. If you are constantly on your horses case to get their attention, they are going to loose their desire to be with you. No one wants to be micro-managed. No one wants to be nagged. Freedom in the mind creates expression, beauty, inspiration and harmony! You & your horse will enjoy being together so much more when you are invested in developing harmony & unity together! Ribbleton Attunement will open up the next steps towards a deeper connection with your horse.

Rules rules and more rules

Perhaps you are thinking that at Ribbleton because we are focusing on harmony & kindness with our horses, it means that we don't have any rules. After all, rules can often be restrictive and confining - the opposite of freedom! But I’m here to tell you it is ok to have some rules for your horse. 

BUT first, ask yourself this question

If we have rules, surely our horses are allowed to have them too! Try and put yourself in your horses shoes and think of what they may say if they had a voice like ours. QUESTION: what would your horses rules be for you?

What is Ribbleton Attunement?

attunement. noun. being or bringing into harmony; a feeling of being "at one" with another being

When you’re attuned to someone you’re aware of & adapt yourself to their - Desires - Feelings - Opinions. Attunement with our horses is Mutual - it involves us + our horse and is beneficial for both.  It's about being invested in the best outcome for your horse - I like to ask myself - What’s in this activity for my horse? Where is the value for them?
Finding enjoyment in what you’re doing for both you & your horse is paramount.

Begin by asking yourself these questions throughout your interaction when you are next with your horse:

Question 1: How is my horse feeling? What emotions are they feeling?

Question 2: As a result of how my horse is feeling what can we do together right now that will create better feelings in my horse?

Question 3: In deciding what to do next, think about what’s in this experience for my horse? Why would my horse enjoy this?

Want to transform your horse life?

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