A Ribbleton Horse-led Retreat 

Costa Rica

I’m Paulette Evans and I’m excited to be running a retreat in the incredible oasis Costa Rica!

Our horse Attunement work focuses on helping you find harmony and responsiveness with horses. Our goal is simple: we aim to inspire our horses to want to be with us and to learn. We are looking forward to sharing this unique way of being with horses with you in the stunning location of El Castillo, Costa Rica!

A Magical Experience

Your stay in El Castillo will be for 9 days & 8 nights. 

During our time together, I will help you understand how to work with horses in a way that is meaningful to the horse. If your horse likes what you have to offer then they are going to want to be with you. This feeling is like no other and the possibilities from here are incredible. You will also have the opportunity to spend one day exploring the rainforest on horseback and a free day where you can take up one of the many activities that are available, or you might just like to rest and relax as you contemplate everything you have learnt over the past week. We only have 8 places available at this exclusive Retreat.

Watch the video and prepare to be amazed at our incredible location, the mountain village of 

El Castillo!

 What will you experience during your retreat?

Ride Costa Rica on horse back

Riding your horse is a very special way to connect to places that most people don't often visit. We will be immersed in the jungle with an opportunity to experience the Rainforest at it's fullest! Howler monkeys, Toucans, Sloths, Pizotes, hundreds of species of birds, as well as the beautiful tropical flora, make this location a nature lovers paradise!

Immerse yourself in Ribbleton Attunement

Our deeply meditative retreat is unique & different. You will discover a more intuitive way of being - working with energy, balance, and learning to connect with yourself so you can communicate more effectively with your horse. You will become a more peaceful, content, and empowered self.

Explore your mind-body-spirit connection

Discover techniques that tap into your mind-body-spirit connection, allowing you to uncover some of your unconscious programming that is limiting your success with your horse. Create new rituals that will help you to come into the present moment and build responsiveness with your horse.

Delve into the tropical rainforests

From canopy zip-lining, to hanging bridges, to rainforest hikes OR taking a dip in the beautiful thermal springs and experiencing Earth's inherent energy. The peaceful scenery and natural waters will leave you feeling refreshed, OR if you prefer a bit more excitement, you can rappel down rainforest waterfalls. This adrenaline rush is sure to please any adventurers heart!

Your Accomodation

We will be staying at a ranch, located in El Castillo, Costa Rica. This peaceful village is located in the heart of the rainforest on Lake Arenal and the Arenal Volcano, and is the home to most of the major attractions that draw visitors to this area! 

You will love this sustainable ranch that provides a holistic experience to help you to relax and unwind in nature with hot and cold pools, garden and rainforest trails, meditation areas and farm to table meals from the organic farm.

Immerse yourself in the hot and cold natural pools

Your room in the rainforest

Single room


Shared room

What is included in our Ribbleton Horse-led Retreat ...

  • 8 nights accommodation in holistic luxury bungalows in single or shared suites
  • Access to all of the hot & cold natural pools, and gardens and rainforest trails
  • All of your meals with buffet catering from the organic farm
  • 5 days of Ribbleton Attunement study & practice
  • Your own personal horse to work & bond with for the duration of your stay
  • One day exploring the rainforests of Costa Rica on horseback
  • One free day for you to create your own adventure in this incredible place!
  • Daily Attunement groundwork learning with your horse
  • Mindfulness training & experiences
  • Gentle vinyasa yoga to prepare you for your Attunement work
  • Practices to transform your mind, body and soul in tranquillity

Your Horse-led adventure

Our hosts are the wonderful couple Nancy & Dan Zintsmaster. We are welcomed into their beautiful property and to work with their horses, all of which have been rescued.

Their home and training arena is located on the top of a mountain overlooking Lake Arenal and the Arenal Volcano. It's almost hard to believe the beauty of this incredible place!

You will have a total of 5 days training with me and my Ribbleton Attunement work, and your special horse for the retreat. Each day I will introduce you to a new concept that will not only transform your relationship with your horse, but it will change your whole life. You will become a more balanced, peaceful and grounded person.

Does this sound like your dream trip?

Expressions of interest for 2019

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What do others that have to say about Ribbleton Retreats?

Paulette is a wonderful teacher always observing, listening and communicating for a deeper level of connection with the horse. A wonderful physical, mental and emotional journey with horses filled with life enriching lessons. The sights and places were beautiful and magical. The people and horses will always have a special place in my heart. Thank you soooo very much!


I have just returned from the most amazing Ribbleton Horse-led Retreat in Sicily. I spent 10 days with Paulette from Ribbleton learning about her Attunement work and at the same time was able to experience wonderful Sicilian home cooked food and stunning scenery from volcanoes both active and extinct to beaches with sparkling crystal blue water.

I have always found horses difficult to understand and felt that I just did not speak their language. Paulette helped me to not only understand my own strengths and challenges but enabled me to learn to understand the horses we were privileged to work with. We worked together with each other and with our horses to develop a better understanding of what they wanted and how to respond. Paulette is a wonderful teacher who explains everything and is there to help develop understanding but, as any good teacher will do, she also allowed us to find our own way to understanding. I have come home with a much greater understanding of horses and how to communicate with them and a desire to return to Sicily to experience more of this beautiful island and food.


I was privileged to join Paulette on one of her Horse-led Retreats It was one of the most amazing experiences I have had. Her Attunement method made perfect sense and was enlightening. After understanding the purpose and meaning, I’m sure everyone would want to have this open communication relationship with their horses.

From the Yoga and meditation sessions to focus your mind, through the theory work, to the patience and understanding of each and every students need, to each and every horses need, whilst we all went through our sessions working with our allocated horses. Her passion for her work comes out through her teaching.

Paulette taught us about calmness, focus, just being, the impact of our body language, and then how to listen to and read the body language of the horse. I learnt how to appreciate how different horses and humans think and how to start a conversation with our horses. This will be a never ending journey. Each one of us were completely different in our personality and energy, and each horse mostly rescue horses were each individual in their own. Paulette helped us all learn what we needed to do, focus on or change within ourselves as we worked with our own horses. Her knowledge and understanding of the human horse relationship is amazing.

I couldn’t recommend this experience more highly. Thank you Paulette for the experience and the beginnings of my new journey with my horses.


Do you want to see what Ribbleton Attunement is all about?

Get ready to open your mind to the amazing opportunities we have with our horses when we approach them in a different way!

You might like to watch this video to get an idea of what it is like to train with Ribbleton. It is the trailer for our Online Course – Inspiration begins with Communication.