Ribbleton – Attuned Trailer Loading – Online Training

Ribbleton Cartier, Rolex, Royelle, Florida, Expresso, & Danica are ready to share with you some valuable lessons on loading in a calm, mindful way that fills our horses with a sense of bravery & accomplishment.

​Our training sessions give you a glimpse of real life, everyday training at Ribbleton. This is work you can easily put into practice with your own horse, if you watch with an open mind and a curiosity to learn.


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    ​Read your horse's energy
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    ​Encourage bravery in your horse
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    ​Train in a mindful, sensitive, & kind way
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    ​Help your horse to self load
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    ​Build trust with your horse

​And remember, you can transfer all of these skills into everything you do with your horse.

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​Some tips

  • Watch one video at a time, take notes, and reflect on your learnings before moving on - remember you have lifetime access and - just like with trailer loading - there’s no need to rush
  • Bookmark this page as you are likely to want to revisit it often
  • Use either Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome as your browser, and always clear your history if you are having any problems accessing the course