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Living the Horse

Creating this film has been one of the most wonderful experiences of my life. The process exemplifies the way we are with our horses, living in the moment and working with the opportunities that are presented to us

I remember many conversations with my very structured (and wonderful) husband where he would say "so what is the story line?". My answer would be, it depends on what people have to say. He would say "what is your goal?". My answer was "to help change the world for horses and humans so we all experience more harmony". To my husband, this was all very lofty! To me, it was following the path of the horse and the students of the horse. I'm excited that you are about to watch our film. I would love to hear your thoughts after you have seen it. You might want some tissues handy and I encourage you to find a quiet place to watch where you won't be interrupted


Paulette & the Ribbleton herd x

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  1. Wow, amazing, I can understand Why they all cried with relief When they got a connection, I will too! I love the way all the woman seem to be just like me, ridden for ages but have felt there was something missing! And how the horses cam alive! A beautiful watch, maybe there is hope for me!

  2. So interesting…(and I loved your music selections too. And the cinematography is beautiful and so respectful to the horses but showing their majesty, humility and power)
    Many of the stories made me cry–it’s all very relatable for our community of horse lovers: from the perspective of the human side to the situations of the horses. A very unique bond and relationship for sure and hard rot put into words. The film made me want to run to my barn and hug my horse for a long as he might let me… it was very touching and compelling. I’m super excited to get started!

  3. It is all about the relationship with our horses. This evening I watched the film for the second time. 10 weeks ago I watched it for the first time. This evening my husband Manfred sat and watched. That in itself was a break through for me after being part of this programme. He has shifted after he has witnessed firsthand the growth in Sinclair and I. How we have made a real shift together and how our relationship has developed to that of unity, not fear, because we now know how to communicate with each other. Along with all my relationships with all of our horses.

    It is clear to me now, if you don’t have a relationship with you horse that comes from a deep bond, based in listening and understanding, which then allows for real unity between you, you’ve got very little.

    My husband words were profound because he too has made a shift and he said ‘I don’t want to have the kind of relationship I’ve had with our horses in the past, I want to have a real connection with them’. Wow, I felt so joyful in that moment.

    The investment I have made in Paulette, Ribbleton Attunement for Sinclair and I has had far reaching benefits for so many others around me. It has changed me and I am so much better than I was before I began the programme. In myself and in my relationships.

    It is not about control it is about the communication and understanding in your relationships. Pause, check in, ask (make a suggestion), pause (ground), is an alternative offered …….when Sinclair began to notice and realise I was present and I was prepared to consider him and how he was feeling and what he wanted then the magic began.

  4. Was so encouraged to hear that so many others have found that a deep connection is a common hope and that it is indeed worth fighting for! Loved the tears of success stories and watching the horses respond so lovingly with their humans…looking forward to my journey and the changes I need to find in me!!

  5. I took lots of notes, I really liked ” inspiring responsiveness”, how important body awareness is since horses tune into that so much,catch myslf with a busy mind and learn to calm it and be in the moment,when things don’t work gound myself and try again,attunement is more abo0ut us getting it than the horses.