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Living the Horse

Creating this film has been one of the most wonderful experiences of my life. The process exemplifies the way we are with our horses, living in the moment and working with the opportunities that are presented to us

I remember many conversations with my very structured (and wonderful) husband where he would say "so what is the story line?". My answer would be, it depends on what people have to say. He would say "what is your goal?". My answer was "to help change the world for horses and humans so we all experience more harmony". To my husband, this was all very lofty! To me, it was following the path of the horse and the students of the horse. I'm excited that you are about to watch our film. I would love to hear your thoughts after you have seen it. You might want some tissues handy and I encourage you to find a quiet place to watch where you won't be interrupted


Paulette & the Ribbleton herd x

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  1. Happy new year Paulette and Ribbleton herd, I watched this video as 2018 came to a close. I found Ribbleton in October 2017 and it has been life changing for Kokoda and myself. I truly enjoy my horse no matter what we are doing together. To see Espresso so withdrawn from life and his lifeforce almost gone reminded me so much of Kokoda. And to watch Espresso become brilliant again in this documentary was just so moving. Kokoda too is resonating with his own brilliance with the philosophy of Ribbleton. So glad I had the opportunity to meet Espresso while training with you. I really could sense he was at home in his heart and soul. Once again Paulette, I am so grateful for this practical. Much love, Anita and Kokoda

  2. Lovely, heartfelt, sensitive, full of tears(liquid love) matches so much of my own experience with my horses and validates my deep sense of what is possible in relating to these amazing creatures. Thank you

  3. Hey, thank you for the time taken to make this not only informative, but sensitive reflection of what we “can” achieve with our horses. The comments of the ladies who have attended your workshops in the documentary was encouraging.

    Would like to hear what more men have to say about the experience…

    I am looking forward to learning and the journey.


  4. Very beautiful. This is the type of relationship I want to have with my horses. I feel I have the right personality and demeanor, but lack the understanding of how to achieve this. I rode as a teen, then went without horses in my life until age 59 when I began natural horsemanship lessons. I adopted my lesson horse and her colt. They were slaughter house bound/kill pen horses before being rescued and rehabed. I have since adopted several more kill pen horses. I now have 5. All have different personalities – 1 dominant, 1 spooky, 1 young colt, 1 introvert/shut down, and 1 mini horse that I’m not sure about. I have so much to learn!