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Marjorie & Luigi

Thank you so much for putting together the IBC Premium course. I love how it has taught me a new way of being with my boy, Luigi. He is starting to let go of some of his tension and is becoming more relaxed and soft. I see more and more of his sweet nature shining through.

Paulette, you are a master at using your kind, gracious words to encourage and edify your students. You have set the tone for this group. It is a positive, supportive, kind group of ladies. It has been so enjoyable meeting all the ladies from around the world and sharing this horse dream and journey with them.


Kim & Dakota’s journey...the beginning

"He turns his back on me and doesn't want to be with me."

Kim & Dakota’s journey...transformation

"The first time I noticed his feet walking in unity with mine."

Kim & Dakota’s journey....unity

"Moving with energy, connected and in unity."



Our 10 week 

Transformational Program

Inspiration Begins with Communication PREMIUM

Be individually guided to become
an inspired & Attuned leader 
for yourself & your horse

We’re going to re-invent how you see yourself and how you approach your horse...and in turn your horse will begin to respond to you in a whole new way

This is the moment where you get to step up and believe in your intuitive self and take a stand for your horse!

Our course + coaching package includes:


Herd Support Coach

You’ll be assigned a Herd Support coach who will travel through the whole program with you, & answer any questions you have

4 x One:One Sessions

Personal sessions with our specialist coach who will give you the specific self development tools you need for your unique transformation

Wise Women Zoom Call

Weekly calls covering special Wisdom Topics & Q&A’s with senior Ribbleton coaches where you’ll also connect with your fellow students


Online course

An educational deep dive on horse:human communication, the course will teach you the foundations of Attunement & runs alongside your 10 weeks of coaching

Body Language Lessons

Uncover exactly what your horse is saying and how to respond to them in a way that changes how they respond to you as well - creating trust & a happy relationship

Case Studies

Real-life recorded training sessions where you can see Attunement in practice. As your knowledge grows, what you’ll see & learn will grow too. You’ll be amazed!


Video Reviews

You’ll share videos working with your horse completing the exercises we set, and we’ll provide a detailed & comprehensive review and personal guidance that builds step by step over each week

Facebook Community

Be part of our amazing group of like-minded horse lovers, where you’re all learning from each other’s unique journey with your horses as well as sharing your own successes

Homework Sheets

Downloadable & printable worksheets are available each module for you to personalise with your observations of your horse & fine tune your learnings

Adrienne & River

Paulette from Ribbleton is probably the most loving genuine kind horse trainer there is. This course is online but the materials are so in-depth but yet so easy to follow and understand. I never once felt like I or my horse was unsupported, as Paulette is always there with answers and suggestions. I recommend Paulette to everyone I know with a horse!

Here’s A Sneak Peak Of What's Coming

When You Sign Up

Mastering Your Horse’s Body Language

  • How to read your horse’s whole body: Discover whether your horse wants to be with you or not, by only looking at body language. Understand whether their mind & body are in balance & what that means for you.
  • Understanding facial expressions: The face gives more intricate details & specific understanding about how your horse is feeling. Reading facial expressions will reveal your horse’s tension levels which is key to avoiding stressful situations with your horse.

Mastering Your Energy

  • There’s so much more to your energy than you realise:  Learn all about how your personal mind-body balance can bring you into connection with yourself. Once you start to develop mind-body balance you'll understand how to harness your energy to best communicate with your horse.
  • Body awareness is essential to effective horse communication: As you connect to your own energy & certainty, you’ll be able to see how it’s affecting your horse. Moving mindfully, with purpose and intention is one of the more valuable skills you can learn for yourself & your horse.

Module 1: Opening your mind to the possibilities

  • The fundamental principles of Attunement: Shifting your mindset from the traditional approach to horse training & learning to tap into your intuition.
  • Rules for the Horse & Human: Understanding boundaries for you & your horse so that you both know what is and isn’t acceptable.
  • Delve deeper into what a connection is: Step away from obedience and into one of desire, curiosity & interest.

Module 2: Learning to be Attuned with your horse

  • Understanding the reactive horse & the dull horse: We’ll look at “obedient” horses and how traditional horse training affects their personality.
  • How to start attuning to your horse: Do you start with or without tack? Do you head straight out to the paddock or arena? Get started with simple steps so that you don’t feel lost or overwhelmed.
  • From connection to unity: Move from connecting with your horse to a more advanced stage of creating unity where you work together as one.

Module 3: The power of trusting your intuition

  • Tapping into your intuition: Learn how to get out of your analytical mind & into your sensing mind - the one that senses everything that’s happening around you, including your intuition.
  • The quality of your pause: The pause is a powerful tool for listening to your horse. It is crucial to understanding your horse & knowing how to respond.
  • Gateway to know when your horse is ready to be trained: Get 4 questions to help you understand whether you need to keep focusing on building connection or you’re ready to move on to training your horse in a whole new way.

Module 4: Discover the importance of creating space

  • To tack or not to tack? Uncover the surprising factors that affect your decision about your horse wearing tack or no tack. How to know which method will suit your horse based on what they’re expressing to you.
  • Creating physical space: Why does your horse get reactive or closed down? Discover how to move around & with your horse in a way that makes your horse feel as confident & relaxed as possible.
  • How to create space for a two-way conversation: Quiet the mental chatter & allow the horse to express themselves. This secret will help you create an environment where you & your horse feel calm & confident.

Module 5: Understand what & how much you can ask

  • Tapping into the horse's instincts: Adapt to your horse's natural instincts & embrace them within your training. Learn to follow the horse instead of fighting the horse.
  • The problem with task training: Discover why focusing on what you’re trying to achieve is hindering your training. Learn how to stay open to the conversation to uncover limitless opportunities with your horse.
  • The secret to building confidence: Find out how much you should ask of your horse & where the boundaries lie. Do you ask again? Do you try one more time?

Module 6: Training your horse at liberty

  • 3 liberty basics: How to create a two-way conversation when the horse is free without tack. You’ll learn what to do next so that you don’t feel stuck.
  • Inspire your horse to embrace a request: How to get your horse to want to do what you’re asking. Why yielding is never the answer to keeping you & your horse safe.
  • Moving forward with training: How to engage with your horse at liberty and create a dance together! We will start to bring all your lessons together so that you can work with your horse with no tack and still maintain a great connection.

Module 7: Build lifelong motivation in your horse

  • Motivating your horse: How to internally motivate your horse without resorting to tricks, treats & pressure.
  • How to sustain motivation: Transform the horse’s energy to bring them to a place where they feel confident & motivated. You’ll use this lesson over and over every time your horse’s emotions fluctuate.
  • Breaking down bad habits from traditional horsemanship: How the things we’ve been told we “should” do are actually hindering our relationship with our horse. Discover what to do instead.

Module 8: Leave tradition behind for success

  • Avoiding conflict: Why your horse can’t learn during conflict & how to avoid any need for conflict. How to create harmony even when things are challenging.
  • Motivation deep dive: Why food or pressure doesn’t help motivate your horse. We’ll dive deeper into motivating your horse without resorting to tricks, treats & pressure.
  • The real effect of obedience: Stop relying on traditional concepts of obedience and start to see how it changes your horse’s personality over time. Watch real footage of how to get your horse to willingly embrace your suggestions.

Here’s what students are saying about our program

Life-changing differences you’ll feel working with Ribbleton


Confident that you are enough for your horse.

We will empower you to find the answers with your horses without having turning to anyone else. You’re the only trainer your horse wants! As your knowledge & confidence increases, you’ll start to notice yourself and your horse showing up differently in your relationship. More trust, more bravery, more curiosity.


No pressure to perform.

Bring the ease & joy back into your relationship with your horse by letting go of old methods and focusing on results. You’ll be content with your horse while still achieving something new everyday.


Trust in your intuition.

As a Ribbleton student you’ll be fully supported to follow your own unique path with your horse. Bring out the best of your individual personalities, strengths, & preferences with total trust.


A breakthrough in your progress.

When we say transformational, we're not kidding. But that doesn't mean hours of hard work. It means showing up with commitment. With an open heart & mind. You’ll feel more ease, peace, & joy from day 1.


Empowered to manage any situation.

Your new skills & knowledge will help you to avoid getting stuck in a scary situation with your horse, because you’ll be able to read the signs long before that happens.


Deep connection with yourself & your horse.

Learn to be more confident in your own skin & become present with your horse - instead of always focusing on achievement. You’ll notice how being present & more mindful will bring you a greater sense of self. And when you’re with your horse you’ll have a greater ability to feel like you’re on the same team. A true partnership with you as the inspired leader.



Sign up before the deadline & receive one of our specialised online courses valued at $2000

Which will you choose? Bonus 1 or Bonus 2?

Bonus 1
Attuned Trailer Loading

At Ribbleton we focus on working together with our horses to develop their bravery. Bravery is linked closely to self-control. You can’t make a horse feel brave, but you can encourage them to stretch themselves and feel good in the process. Paulette has been preparing horses to travel for over 25 years and the Ribbleton herd has so much to share with you about how to make this process less stressful and more mindful. You will see how Paulette focuses on her horse’s confidence, calmness and thoughtfulness as indicators of how to progress. This approach builds skills that transfer beyond the trailer. In a series of video training sessions, join Ribbleton Cartier, Rolex, Royelle, Florida, Expresso, & Danica - all at different stages of their Trailer Loading training! You’ll also receive a Do’s & Don'ts guide to apply to your Trailer Loading training.

Bonus 2
Let The Journey Begin

Perfect for foals & young horses, this course will give you unique insight into what it is like for horses to develop mutual trust with a human from the very beginning. People comment all the time on how eager the Ribbleton horses are to connect. They’re always waiting at the gate of the arena, keen to engage and to learn. For Paulette, this process of inspiring her horses begins the day they are born. This is a unique opportunity to watch the progress of three Ribbleton foals Radek, Faroh and Dior (and you’ll get to meet their beautiful mum’s too!) in their first year of life, over a series of real-life daily training videos with Paulette.

10 Week FOUNDATIONAL program

Transform your horse LIFE with Inspiration Begins with Communication PREMIUM (IBC-P)

giving you the essential foundation that is missing in your horse LIFE

  • 10 Weeks in the Private Facebook Group
  • 10 weeks of online course modules
  • 10 weeks with your personal Herd Support Coach
  • 4 one:one personal coaching calls
  • 8 personal video reviews
  • 10 Wise Women Wisdom & Q&A zoom calls
  • BONUS course (Attuned Trailer Loading or Let the Journey Begin foal course) valued at $2000
regular course

One sentence summary of what they get




  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
Advanced course

One sentence summary of what they get




  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
  • X number of bonuses
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • 30 minute private coaching call

Your life. Your horse’s life. Your relationships. The world!

Our community of Attuned Students Are From All Over The World

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I see more of what you actually do with the horses before I decide?

Don’t worry, we don’t hold back with the amazing resources & support you’ll get in our program BUT the very difference with Ribbleton is that we recognise that YOU and YOUR HORSE are unique. In turn, our coaching for you will also be unique. Your personal transformation will be unique. Just like you can’t google the answers to your personal problems, we can’t copy & paste how the next 10 weeks is going to look for you. Rest assured the program includes weekly opportunities to have your personal questions answered, personalised video reviews, and extended videos of Attunement work with a variety of horses.

I don’t have an arena or round yard to train my horse in?

You don’t need it! The transformation begins with your relationship & the way you communicate with your horse - your relationship doesn’t happen in a certain place - it happens whenever you are together. You’ll be able to practice Attunement wherever you normally spend time with your horse. PS We have students train in the snow, in the paddock, xxx - it’s all perfectly fine!

How much time will I need to commit?

If you have the commitment, you have the time :) Each week you will spend time completing the online learning, visiting with your horse, participating in the group call...but how that looks every day is up to you.

Where are you located?

You might notice from the accent that the creator of Ribbleton Attunement Paulette is in Australia - but we have students from all over the world! We’ve been successfully providing online education and mentorship to horse women for many years now, so where you live isn’t a barrier to working with us. 

I’m not sure it’s the right time...

If you’re here, the time is right :-) Today is the perfect day to start to transform your horse life and move towards a more fulfilling relationship with yourself and your horse. 

I’m not sure it’s the right time...

If you’re here, the time is right :-) Today is the perfect day to start to transform your horse life and move towards a more fulfilling relationship with yourself and your horse. 

I’m not sure it’s the right time...

When is the right time to transform your horse life? When is the perfect right time for you to gain the confidence you deserve and leave behind the worry, doubt, & fear?  As well as missing out on the bonus $2000 course offer, you’ll just be spending another day living life with your horse experiencing problems instead of joy. Trust that you’re here for a reason - if today is not the time, then when is the time?

I’m not sure it’s the right time...

If you’re here, the time is right :-) Today is the perfect day to start to transform your horse life and move towards a more fulfilling relationship with yourself and your horse. 

I’m not very tech-saavy!

That’s ok, we’re always available for support. But if you were able to navigate this page and watch the online clinic ok, you’ll be ok for the rest of the course too. All you need is a computer/tablet/or smartphone.

I don’t like learning online - I prefer real life

You’ve got this far! We deliver our coaching & course through a variety of modalities - if you enjoyed our online clinic, you’ll love our full program. The weekly group calls are via zoom and you have the chance to be online with your fellow students, and we also connect in the Facebook group. You’ll be able to voice or text message your Herd Support coach and you’ll also have some phone coaching sessions through the 10 week program as well. Plus, as well as sharing your videos for review you’ll get to watch & learn from everyone else's!

My relationship with my horse is new, I want us to get to know each other first

We understand, and we hear this a lot! Here’s our perspective. Now is the perfect time to invest in your relationship with a horse you don’t know! Your horse is likely to have some form of trauma in their past (whether you’ve uncovered this yet or not) from traditional horse training. It’s so important that you learn to understand them from the beginning, otherwise you’re just adding to the problems you’ll need to fix later. Their history won’t magically disappear - but you can play an active role in their emotional healing with the right support. Preventing mis-communcation and mis-understanding in the first place is SO much easier - trust us! Stepping into leadership now will also provide your new horse with an essential sense of safety & trust in you, which will only help your new relationship blossom faster.

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