Be Guided in 8 steps To An
amazing Relationship With Your Horse

It's not asserting your dominance that helps get a happy, confident horse that is eager to please. Traditional horse training approaches have led you astray.

Perhaps they’ve made you feel like your horse is too much for you - that you should sell your horse.

It’s just not true!
​You are enough for your horse.

The challenges with your horse are because of all the old methods & misinformed approaches that you’ve tried.

Like any relationship, you’ve got to listen to each other. It’s a give and receive.

No human wants to be in a relationship with a domineering partner that never lets them express themselves. And neither does your horse.

Would it feel like a miracle for you to get your horse to trust, respect & desire you?

I’m on a mission to help you see the truth about what is really happening in your relationship with your horse. No pressure, treats or tricks are needed to create the changes you crave. I teach horse lovers all over the world how to build a lifelong, sustainable relationship with a fun, happy, confident horse that is eager to be with you.

Inspiration Begins With Communication 

is going to re-invent how you approach your horse from the paddock to the arena in just 8 steps

You'll be guided through each lesson step by step so you have all the information, resources, and confidence to get your relationship with your horse to where you want it to be. You & your horse will be happy to see each other, happy to train together, and ….

I know this will change everything between

you & your horse!

Adrienne says...

"Paulette from Ribbleton is probably the most loving genuine kind horse trainer there is. This course is online but the materials are so in-depth but yet so easy to follow and understand. I never once felt like I or my horse was unsupported. I recommend Paulette to everyone I know with a horse!"

Life-changing differences you’ll feel

Confident that you are enough for your horse.

My personal coaching will empower you to find the answers with your horses without having turning to anyone else. You’re the only trainer your horse needs.

No pressure to perform. 

Bring the ease & joy back into your relationship with your horse by letting go of old methods. You’ll be content with your horse while still achieving something new everyday.

Trust in your intuition.

As my student you’ll be fully supported to follow your own unique path with your horse. Bring out the best of your individual personalities, strengths, & preferences with total trust.

A breakthrough in your progress. 

Bring the ease & joy back into your relationship with your horse by letting go of old methods. You’ll be content with your horse while still achieving something new everyday.

Empowered to manage any situation.

Your new skills & knowledge will help you to avoid getting stuck in a scary situation with your horse, because you’ll be able to read the signs long before that happens.

Connection with your horse. 

Learn to be present with your horse instead of always focusing on achievement. You’ll notice how being present with your horse makes you feel like you’re on the same team.

Kay says...

It is really wonderful, knowing how much Galahad has changed since I've learned more about how to work with him. HUGE changes in both of us, and the pace has accelerated since starting Attunement training. It brings tears to my eyes, realizing how much HE is sharing, how kind he is, how patient...and how much real friendship there is between us. It's not just Galahad being a sweet horse and me still being the "master" or "trainer" or whatever--this is a real partnership. Just amazing..... And thank you so much for facilitating the transformation. You're an alchemist, Paulette!

This 8-module online course includes:

Online course

Lifetime access, take at your own pace, & re-visit as often as you’d like

Case studies

Real-life recorded training sessions, just like being at a clinic

Homework sheets

For you to personalise with your own unique goals for you & your horse 


You'll be able to share in everyones answers as you work through the modules

Theory sessions

Paulette shares her wisdom via video, guiding you to becoming Attuned with your horse

Body Language BONUS

You'll start the course by learning all about the horse's facial expressions & posture

A whole new way of being with your horse – become Attuned, find mutual joy, harmony and happiness.

How it works

In the first week we'll study...

The horses facial


We are good at reading how people feel and it's no different reading horses. We'll take a look at some photos to learn what the horses faces are really telling us...

The horses Body


An obedient horse will do what he is told to do. A willing horse will embrace what he is asked to do. I'm going to show you how to tell the difference.

Then I'll release one IBC Course Modules to you each week over 8 weeks and you'll go through the following steps...

STEP 1: Theory

Get step-by-step video lessons where I help your mind adjust to the concept of Attunement. These videos break down the traditional horsemanship approach & show you how Attunement will give you a happy, confident horse that is eager to please. This is the low-stress, peaceful approach to interacting with your horse.

STEP 2: Case Study

For each module, you will see a student & their horse getting a real-life, unscripted lesson, just like you would at an in-person clinic. Watch a wide range of horses with different personalities, so that you can see elements of yourself & your horse in each video. These will show you how to put the theory into practice with your own horse.

STEP 3: Homework

Each module comes with a ‘create-sheet.’ You can print out this worksheet to take out to your horse & start putting the lessons into practice. These are designed to take you step-by-step toward learning to read your horse’s body language & understand what your horse is trying to say to you.

SPECIAL NOTE: You'll get lifetime access to the IBC Course Modules once your course is paid for. I think you'll be surprised how much more you'll see the second or third time you go back and review the modules. That's why it's important to me that you have ongoing access to the course.

Do you LOVE what you're reading and you're interested in signing up for this online course and coaching program?!

You can schedule a call with us and we'll talk with you about your horse and see if this program is a good fit. We call it a Discovery Call! It's lot's of fun and we're sure you'll find it very valuable. And it's FREE!!

8 modules + bonus body language training

Here’s exactly what we'LL cover

Prep Lesson: Mastering Your Horse’s Body Language

  • How to read your horse’s whole body: Discover whether your horse wants to be with you or not, by only looking at body language. Understand whether their mind & body are in balance & what that means for you.

  • Understanding facial expressions: The face gives more intricate details & specific understanding about how your horse is feeling. Reading facial expressions will reveal your horse’s tension levels which is key to avoiding stressful situations with your horse.

Module 1: Opening your mind to the possibilities

  • The fundamental principles of Attunement: Shifting your mindset from the traditional approach to horse training & learning to tap into your intuition.
  • Rules for the Horse & Human: Understanding boundaries for you & your horse so that you both know what is and isn’t acceptable.
  • Delve deeper into what a connection is: Step away from obedience and into one of desire, curiosity & interest.

Module 2: Learning to be Attuned with your horse

  • Understanding the reactive horse & the dull horse: We’ll look at “obedient” horses and how traditional horse training affects their personality.
  • How to start attuning to your horse: Do you start with or without tack? Do you head straight out to the paddock or arena? Get started with simple steps so that you don’t feel lost or overwhelmed.
  • From connection to unity: Move from connecting with your horse to a more advanced stage of creating unity where where you work together as one.

Module 3: The power of trusting your intuition

  • Tapping into your intuition: Learn how to get out of your analytical mind & into your sensing mind - the one that senses everything that’s happening around you, including your intuition.
  • The quality of your pause: The pause is a powerful tool for listening to your horse. It is crucial to understanding your horse & knowing how to respond.
  • Gateway to know when your horse is ready to be trained: Get 4 questions to help you understand whether you need to keep focusing on building connection or you’re ready to move on to training your horse in a whole new way.

Module 4: Discover the importance of creating space

  • To tack or not to tack? Uncover the surprising factors that affect your decision about your horse wearing tack or no tack. How to know which method will suit your horse based on what they’re expressing to you.
  • Creating physical space: Why does your horse get reactive or closed down? Discover how to move around & with your horse in a way that makes your horse feel as confident & relaxed as possible.
  • How to create space for a two-way conversation: Quiet the mental chatter & allow the horse to express themselves. This secret will help you create an environment where you & your horse feel calm & confident.

Module 5: Understand what & how much you can ask

  • Tapping into the horses instincts: Adapt to your horses natural instincts & embrace them within your training. Learn to follow the horse instead of fighting the horse.
  • The problem with task training: Discover why focusing on what you’re trying to achieve is hindering your training. Learn how to stay open to the conversation to uncover limitless opportunities with your horse.
  • The secret to building confidence: Find out how much you should ask of your horse & where the boundaries lie. Do you ask again? Do you try one more time?

Module 6: Training your horse at liberty

  • 3 liberty basics: How to create a two-way conversation when the horse is free without tack. You’ll learn what to do next so that you don’t feel stuck.
  • Inspire your horse to embrace a request: How to get your horse to want to do what you’re asking. Why yielding is never the answer to keeping you & your horse safe.
  • Moving forward with training: How to engage with your horse at liberty and create a dance together! We will start to bring all your lessons together so that you can work with your horse with no tack and still maintain a great connection.

Module 7: Build lifelong motivation in your horse

  • Motivating your horse: How to internally motivate your horse without resorting to tricks, treats & pressure.
  • How to sustain motivation: Transform the horse’s energy to bring them to a place where they feel confident & motivated. You’ll use this lesson over and over every time your horse’s emotions fluctuate.
  • Breaking down bad habits from traditional horsemanship: How the things we’ve been told we “should” do are actually hindering our relationship with our horse. Discover what to do instead.

Module 8: Leave tradition behind for success

  • Avoiding conflict: Why your horse can’t learn during conflict & how to avoid any need for conflict. How to create harmony even when thing are challenging.
  • Motivation deep dive: Why food or pressure doesn’t help motivate your horse. We’ll dive deeper into motivating your horse without resorting to tricks, treats & pressure.
  • The real effect of obedience: Stop relying on traditional concepts of obedience and start to see how it changes your horse’s personality over time. Watch real footage of how to get your horse to willingly embrace your suggestions.

Is this right for me?

If you can check off 4 out of 6 of these boxes, then you're PERFECTLY positioned to have a better relationship with your horse with

Inspiration Begins With Communication

  • check
    You’re just got your first horse or you’re getting back into horses after a break. You want to make sure that you & your horse get off on the right foot from the start & build a sustainable, joyful relationship.
  • check
    You’ve got a pretty good relationship with your horse, but there’s some problems that you just can’t seem to sort out on your own. You’ve tried lots of traditional methods… and the problem keeps reappearing like a fly that just won’t go away.
  • check
    You have no problem putting in the work as long as you know that every bit of energy you invest is a positive step towards strengthening your relationship with your horse. You have the self discipline to take the theory & lessons that I teach you out to your horse & put them into practice.
  • check
    You’re already committed to your horse & you want to restore your confidence in your horse so that they can be confident in you too.
  • check
    You’re aware that you need to Get Your Horse To Trust & Respect You… and you’re excited to be a good leader for your horse.
  • check
    You LOVE your horse. You want them to be happy… and few things give you more pleasure than creating a lifelong, sustainable relationship with a fun, happy, confident horse that is eager to please.

But it’s probably NOT for you if:

  • You want your horse to do all the work. You think your horse is to blame for all your problems & you’re not interested in considering your role in the relationship. This work means you’ll have to develop some new habits and work on your own energy too.
  • You want things to be completely different by tomorrow. This is a learning journey. It takes time -- just like any good relationship you have with humans. You’ve got to be patient with yourself & your horse.
  • You’re not committed to following through & doing the homework. This process is designed to completely transform your relationship with your horse. But it does take real practice. If you’re not willing to do the homework & practice, then you shouldn’t sign up.

You won’t get the relationship with your horse that you’ve always dreamed of...
...if you keep trying the same old methods


QUESTION: Are you sure my individual situation with my horse will work with this course?

  • The course has practical activities that can be adapted to any environment. Mastering these practical activities will stay with you for a lifetime…
    ...even if you’re agisting your horse
    ...even if you can only work in a paddock
    ...even if you have a grass arena
    ...even if you’re under snow right now
    ...even if your horse is aged
    ...even if you have a foal or young horse
    ...even if you’re entering your golden years.

QUESTION: Do I need previous horsemanship experience to take this course?

  • You don’t need to have years & years of experience in the arena to take advantage of this program. This works for everyone. Because it’s about UNLEARNING the rules of traditional horsemanship & getting in touch with your intuition. Your intuition is already there. The goal is to help you tap into it. And that’s not something that comes from your previous education.

QUESTION: I only see my horse once a week, will I still be able to do the course?

  • Not a problem! Although the modules get released to weekly, you can actually take all the time you need to work through them. 

QUESTION: It’s Winter where I live right now and I only see my horse to feed him. How can I do this course?

  • ​​​​Although it doesn’t snow here in Sydney, we have students from all over the world and totally understand your predicament. Our course is carefully planned to suit your situation at any given time. You’ll find you can complete most of the activities in a halter and lead rope, and in all situations with your horse - no ‘formal training’ in the arena is required. If you’re lucky enough to be able to access an arena during bad weather, that’s ok too. Our activities and lesson ideas are flexible.

QUESTION: Is this course going to help me with my riding?

  • Attunement begins with your daily relationship with your horse - every tiny interaction is significant. So, we start from the ground up. You’ll find as you become confident in this way of being with horses that you can apply all of the lessons to riding when you and your horse are ready.

QUESTION: I'm not sure my technical skills are good enough to take an online course!

  • You don’t need to be a whizz at the computer to access this program. We’ve made it legitimately easy. But even if you’re having trouble, we’ve got one full-time team member whose job is to give you step-by-step support if you have trouble accessing the materials. This is part of our ‘no horse lover left behind’ policy.

QUESTION: My question isn’t covered on this page. Can you help?

  • We’re here to help anytime! Just send us an email and one of our friendly team can give you some personal guidance.

QUESTION: Will I get a course completion certificate?

  • At the end of your 8 modules, I’m excited to present a course completion certificate. This certificate is a celebration of your newfound horse Attunement skills.

QUESTION: What credit cards do you accept?

  • Pretty much all of them! Simply select the credit card option when making your payment. Our other option is PayPal, and you can link your credit cards to your PayPal account if you prefer. Don’t worry, there are no extra fees for this.

QUESTION: I keep my horse on agistment and can’t always access the arena - will I still be able to do this course?

  • Absolutely! You’ll find you’ll be able to complete the practical activities with your horse whatever you’re doing and wherever you are. You might feel like you wont be able to be more important than the grass in your horse's paddock, but don’t worry - we’ll cover that! And if you’re worried about feeling silly or being judged doing non traditional work in front of others - don’t worry - we’ve been there too! Chat to our wonderful community about it and you’ll soon feel normal again ;-)

QUESTION: Will I get lifetime access to the course?

  • Absolutely! Once the online course hosted on is paid for you will have lifetime access. You'll be surprised how much more you'll see the second or third time you go back and review the modules. That's why it's important to me that you have ongoing access to the course. 

QUESTION: I prefer to learn face to face at a clinic, are you sure I can learn online?

  • I hear you! But if I tried to get to even each country my students are in, I’d never get to see my own horses :-) Don’t worry though, if you’re not sure you can accurately relay what’s happening for you and your horse in the course forum, you will have the option to also sign up for the Ongoing Learning Program (OLP) with a 1 month free bonus when you purchase this course. OLP is designed to compliment all of our online courses. There’s tons of amazing features in this subscription program, but what you need to know now is that one of them is that you can share videos of you and your horse for feedback from me.

QUESTION: Can I cancel if I decide the course isn’t for me?

  • If you chose the payment plan option, you can cancel your payments anytime. There are no refunds for payments already made, and you will lose access to the course. If your payments are complete or you paid upfront to get the discount, then you already have lifetime access, so if life gets busy or you're travelling, you can come back and revisit the modules whenever you want. Please make sure to read the full terms and conditions when signing up.

QUESTION: I’m a senior, I’m not sure if I can do enough to make the changes I need to?

  • You are going to fit in just fine! We have students from all walks of life - some just got their first horse at age 60, some have been riding since they were 3, some have ditched traditional training for a better relationship with their horse. Everyone is welcome, everyone fits in, and everyone supports each other.

QUESTION: I’m trying to choose between this course and another, can you help me decide?

  • We sure might like to browse through both courses pages and compare the differences, or send us an email to sharing a little about you & your horse and we can give you some more information to make a decision on where to start.

QUESTION: Is this course suitable for beginners?

  • Yes! One of the best things about beginners if they have less bad habits to break. Our training is really unique and the perfect place to start your journey to Attunement, no matter your background or past experiences. The same goes for your horse. :-)

QUESTION: I’ve already tried lots of different natural horsemanship methods, how can I be sure this one will work?

  • You’ll hear me talk a lot about “what’s in it for the horse”? This is a unique concept. What it means is thinking about helping our horses find joy, pride, and empowerment in what we doing together. This is intrinsic motivation, which is very different from extrinsic motivation - like reinforcement of pressure & release or using treats. The reward is how training with you makes them feel. And it’s going to feel amazing, once you’ve mastered the steps to listening to them, and inspiring them.

QUESTION: Are there other people from my country in your course?

  • We have so many corners of the globe covered! You’ll get to ‘meet’ our community online, where there are no barriers to sharing in each others journeys, as long as your basic English skills are ok :-)

QUESTION: Where are you located?

  • Ribbleton Attunement is based in Sydney Australia however our students are from all over the world! Anyone can study online with Ribbleton.