Hello, I am Shannon Salter, from Victoria Australia.

About Me

I have been involved with horses as a hobby trail rider for a decades and recently became a qualified equine bodyworker so am interested in a holistic approach to interactions with horses.

I have 6 horses but have had many "problem horses" over the years (all my fault due to lack of knowledge).

About My Herd

Oscar: My lovely retired horse, Oscar, is a 12yo gentle laid back OTT thoroughbred gelding that I have had since he was 3yo (he was too slow on the race track). I have trouble trailer loading him at the moment.

Xena: I am leasing a 15yo anglo arab endurance bred broodmare, Xena, that was unrideable when I got her and I have had her for 6 years. She is hyper sensitive and I can now ride her. I have an 8 yo part bred arab mare,Toki, that I bred and watched being born. She is pretty easy going and a bit spooky and unconfident by nature.

Rem: I have a 7yo pure bred arab gelding, Rem, that a friend bred. I have had him since he was a yearling colt. We had a beautiful relationship before I started him and became bossy and now he isn't really keen to spend time with me. He tells me when he doesn't agree with what I'm doing by leaving me.

Clancy and Neo: I also have 2 x 3yo part bred arab geldings, Clancy and Neo, that I bred and watched being born approx a week apart. They like me and want to be with me but I don't want to muck them up when I start them as I have done with the other 2. They are both cheeky, fun loving boys and I have done a pretty good job so far but now know I need to do things differently moving forward.

About me before I found Ribbleton...

I have started my 7 and 8 yo horses using natural horsemanship which I studied for at least a decade but found I was never truly happy and comfortable with this and was looking for another way. I finally found the Ribbleton Attunement training and community and am wanting to learn as much as I can to become better with horses so they are happier and to also become a better person. It really has changed my life and I am so excited about the future with my beautiful 4 legged friends!

Before I started with Ribbleton, training with my horses was confusing, frustrating and uninspiring. I think they found me boring, bossy and dominant. Probably also inconsistent. I was at a point where I was thinking of never riding again to save us all from heartache and because of the shame I felt from previous training methods I used.

The Mini-Course lesson that most stood out for me was “The Uninterested Horse”, because I am having the most trouble at the moment with my gelding Rem. I adore him but he is just not keen to be with me and is definitely saying NO to being caught and ridden at the moment and that breaks my heart. I am still putting the lessons in practice to try and make myself more interesting to him so he wants to be with me.

I have previously been pushing through with my 2 riding horses when they tell me they don't want to do something, including riding. Now instead of ignoring what they are trying to communicate to me, I am listening. Both of them are starting to look at me a bit differently. My mare has become very loving and attentive in a short amount of time and I can tell she appreciates me "backing off" with the dominance.

Since completing the Mini-Course, life is different because I know I am enough and that I will find the answers I need! I also feel more relaxed and confident knowing that other people are going through the same emotional rollercoaster I am, and that it’s ok. I have been able to forgive myself for past indiscretions with my horses and am just so grateful for that alone. Life is good!!!

Thank you again for everything you are trying to do for the horses of the world.

By helping to educate people, you are doing so much for the lives of our beautiful friends. Shannon.

It's my absolute pleasure Shannon. I'm so happy to hear that you now know you ARE ENOUGH. Bises Paulette

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