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My SECRET to becoming Attuned with your horse

Applying the concept of Attunement is the first valuable step to building on the unique connection you and your horse have.

Attunement is a fundamental principle of the Ribbleton philosophy. 

But, I hear you say, “what does Attunement mean”?

attunement. noun. being or bringing into harmony; a feeling of being "at one" with another being

When you’re attuned to someone you’re aware of & adapt yourself to their:

  • Desires
  • Feelings
  • Opinions
  • Mutual - it involves us + our horse and is beneficial for both
  • About being invested in the best outcome for your horse - I like to ask myself - What’s in this activity for my horse? Where is the value for them?
  • Finding enjoyment in what you’re doing for both you & your horse

When we’re attuned to our horses, we still have goals, but they are about finding harmony & unity in everything we do together, rather than a task or goal focused outcome.

Ok, that sounds beautiful doesn’t it 😉

But practically, what does Attunement look like?

How about I give you an example: say I am in the arena with my horse, and my horse is doing circles around me....

Before I was thinking about Attunement with my horse, I was more focused on my horse completing 5 perfect circles with flexion, on the lunge, and only stopping when I say they can.

Now that I am more focused on Attunement with my horse I care most about my horse feeling good about what we are doing together. This shows in my horse’s body by the way she moves around me. Does she look proud? Does she look composed? Together we focus on celebrating how good it feels when we are working in harmony with each other. The result is that this might only be for a quarter of a circle! But it is an amazing quarter of a circle and we both feel happy with what we have done together. We are attuned. Because we are Attuned, next time, my horse will be more inspired to try again!

It takes time to build a relationship like this, but you can definitely do it! You have everything you need and I’m here to guide you. Let me now show you how to start this process of becoming Attuned.

Begin by asking yourself these questions throughout your interaction when you are next with your horse:

  • Question 1: How is my horse feeling? What emotions are they feeling?
  • Question 2: As a result of how my horse is feeling what can we do together right now that will create better feelings in my horse?
  • Question 3: In deciding what to do next, think about what’s in this experience for my horse? Why would my horse enjoy this?

Now it’s your turn to take the above 3 steps to your horse. Give this a go and then come back to this page and let me know how you went!

You & your horse will enjoy being together so much more when you are invested in developing harmony & unity together! Attunement will open up the next steps towards a deeper connection with your horse

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