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Ribbleton Online Training
Join us as we bring you and your horse into a harmonious and responsive relationship


I’m Paulette Evans, the founder of Ribbleton, where I raise horses, and offer training and consultancy for horse owners.

Our philosophy of attunement focuses on creating positive energy and working in harmony, creating responsiveness with the horse. It’s a simple, authentic approach – and we have found the benefits of learning to understand your horse can extend to creating more positive relationships with people, and more awareness within.

Attuned Trailer Loading

I have been preparing young horses to travel for over 25 years. Our attuned approach focusses on working together with our horses to develop their bravery. Bravery is linked closely to self-control. You can’t make a horse feel brave, but you can encourage them to stretch themselves and feel good in the process. But how do we know if we are stretching them too much or not?

In this online training program, you will see our Ribbleton horses all at different stages in their trailer (float) loading. You will see how we focus on their confidence, calmness and thoughtfulness as our indicators as to how we progress.

You will have access to over 3 hours of real-life tuition following the progress of six Ribbleton horses. Join us and share in our attuned kind approach to trailer loading.

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Let the Journey Begin

The study of horse behaviour!
Inspiring our horses to want to learn begins the day they are born. We are providing you the opportunity to take a seat with us for a period of 12 months and watch the progress with three youngsters – Radek, Faroh and Dior.

This course will certainly share with you some excellent insights into how horses feel about different energy, different activities and what it is like to develop mutual trust with a human. And it's only AUD $20 per month!

Each week we will give you access to at least 2 videos of training sessions. The videos are real life, they are unedited and go for as long as the training session which is typically 5-15 minutes each. At the end of each video there will be a short quiz to make sure that the key learnings are captured. We hope you will join us on this wonderful adventure!

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At Home with Ribbleton

Join us here at Ribbleton working with our own horses of all different ages, experiences and characters. Learn how we build harmony with our horses and inspire responsiveness.

Over time you will be able to follow our horses progress in liberty (free work), on line (working with a halter and lead or lunge), in hand (riding from the ground) and lot's of other fun activities. The videos in this series are real life, they are unedited. Enjoy!

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