Ribbleton Presents

Magali Delgado and Frédéric Pignon

in Australia in April 2016

Clinics in Perth, Sydney & Brisbane

Take a little time to read the interview below with Magali Delgado to see if you might like to book a lesson or spectate at the clinic..

Q: Dao was such a beautiful horse, where did he come from?

Magali: Dao was born on our family farm (Elevage Delgado) where we breed Lusitano horses. I was very lucky to have him in my life from the day he was born.

Q: What led you to the competiive world of dressage in Europe and how did you start?

Magali: I started to train Dao for shows (like Cavalia) and when some famous dressage trainers in Germany saw us together they told me that Dao was very well trained and pushed me to compete with him. That is how it all started! Our first competition was at the Grand Prix level in Saint-Lô, France. There were 24 riders and I finished in 12th place. I was very happy with this.

Q: Did you continue to compete in Europe?

Magali: Yes, after one year of competition I was placed 3rd at Rouen, France and then I won the 2nd place at the France National Challenge competition. This same year I achieved 2nd place in the Grand Prix in Essen, Germany. The judges commented how wonderful it was to see a horse that appeared calm and unstressed after such a demanding a test. At Essen in 2004, the organiser asked me if I would do a liberty demonstration at the evening gala! Dao was able to perform all of the dressage movements without a saddle or bridle! I was very proud.


Q: What was next for you and Dao?

Magali: Dao's preference was to be on stage. He loved the applause and the music! Our next adventure was with Cavalia, touring across the United States and European capitals from 2004 to 2009 playing to more than two million spectators. Dao and I loved this very much.

Q: You dedicated your book GALLOP TO FREEDOM to Dao and Templado, two of your world-famous Lusitano stallions. How did Dao contribute to your philosophy.

Magali: For me, Dao opened a door to encourage me to work deeply on the mind and on the body of the horse. It was like a revelation every day I was riding him. It was like, “Uh-oh, there is another way to work. Open your mind. Open your senses.” Dao showed me that.

Q: I notice that you also ride your horses without tack? Can you tell me more about this?

Magali: People often remark to me that it’s unusual to work a dressage horse in high school movements like piaffe and passage without a bit in its mouth. But to me, it’s natural and easy – no tricks. If the horse has had clear, progressive learning, and is not frightened or confused, and it trusts me, then there is actually no need for tack or equipment to enable the horse to perform the movements. So for us there are no tricks – just careful, kind, consistent, progressive training.

Q: Do you only teach dressage or can any rider have a lesson with you?

Magali: It is very important for people to understand that both Fred and I welcome people from all disciplines and all levels of experience. All that we want to know is that you love horses. I really enjoy working with pleasure riders right through to Grand Prix dressage riders. For me it is the same principles. The horse needs to be able to be ridden without tension & stress if you both want to be happy.

“Frédéric, Magali and Paulette are unique teachers who share a common philosophy. They are as gentle and nurturing towards the people that come here to learn with them as they are with their horses. And they are just as genuine and generous with their time. The learning is effortless and exhilarating – all that is required of you is a readiness to open your eyes and your mind, to contemplate, absorb and enjoy, and feel the realisations and understandings sweep through you.” Jennifer



Riding in Harmony

Special Evening

2-Days $350

1-Day $400


1-Day $200

2-Days $700


Note: Prices exclude stables.

What is it like to have a Riding in Harmony lesson with Magali Delgado?

Sarah from the UK says…

Q. How would you describe a lesson with Magali and what is different to other lessons?

Lessons with Magali are like no other I've come across. She is very positive and very relaxed. She has all the technical knowledge but her approach is one of relaxation and fun. You end up doing all the movements almost without realising it. Her approach is that relaxation for the horse must come first. Once this is achieved then all the movements come easily. I found that I was so relaxed that j was able to achieve things very easily too. Everything just seemed very easy !

This is so different from any thing I have experienced before. Even with instructors that were quite laid back I'd never experienced this level of ease and relaxation for both me and the horse before.


Q. What is the feeling you get from the horse riding Magali’s way?

The feeling from the horses was that they were happy in what I was asking them to do. After each exercise we'd go back to feeling how the horse was – feeling if his back and mouth were soft and only then moving on to the next thing. At no point did I feel the horse say 'no' – it was a feeling that the horse was saying yes to everything I asked. A willing partner indeed :-))

Q. How has your lesson with Magali changed your riding?

My riding is very different now. It's like the whole point of my riding is how to achieve relaxation of the muscles and mind of my horse. Anything else is a bonus. This makes for a more enjoyable experience for both of us. I feel I'm developing a sixth sense – opening myself to feel if he is ok – and that only from this point will I ask for anything. And if this is all I achieve in a riding session then it's enough!

Andrea from Australia says….

Q. How would you describe a lesson with Magali?

A lesson with Magali is like no other dressage lesson I'd ever experienced before after many years of competition riding. Magali encouraged me to let go of any preconception, let go of tension, let go of any worries or anxiety and realign my focus to allow her words and guidance show me a new place to work from. A place where you are a true partner with your horse, a place where you allow the movements to unfold free of judgement in complete focus and relaxation. A place where you work in complete harmony and a place that you soon realise you want more of!

Q. How is Magali’s approach different to what you have experienced before?

Magali taught me to let go of the tension I carried unconsciously in my body, and showed me a completely different way to focus on the training. She has an incredible ability to show you how to release any blocks you may be unconsciously working with and has the ability to create much joy and show you how to work so creatively in a really positive and uplifting state of mind.

Q. What is the feeling you get from the horse riding Magali’s way and how has your riding changed?

Through my lessons with Magali I have learnt how horses thrive working with such fun and uplifting energy! I walked away from the lesson feeling uplifted and inspired, and just simply buzzing!! The passage and piaffe Magali guided me into was just incredible! I realised then it wasn't just about the movement or creating something technically perfect… It was first about harmony, balance, relaxation, support and allowing the horse to do the rest… And boy did it feel different and it created an pivotal "ah ha!" moment that stayed with me forever. It quite simply left me wanting more, and has completely and permanently changed the way I work with my horses.

Tiecher from Australia says….

Q. How would you describe a lesson with Magali?

I’d have to say a lesson with Magali is quite eye opening to the possibilities of letting go of control and being open to what the horse can offer.

Q. How is Magali’s approach different to what you have experienced before?

Magali’s approach is about ‘allowing’ the horse. All my previous lessons were about ‘creating’ the horse. There was always a lot of effort on my behalf, more seat, more leg, more hand. Ride! Ride! Ride! Push, create more, more energy, more forward, more horse! Magali has a gift of being able to show the horse the direction in which she’d like them to go and then just allows them to fill the space out of their own desire rather than from the pressure of the rider. It’s much more organic.

Q. What is the feeling you get from the horse riding Magali’s way?

Riding this way feels much more fluid. Previously my horses always felt like if I stopped at any point they’d just fall apart. Riding with the concept of leg to hand was always hard work and if either leg or hand failed I’d have to gather everything back up and start again. Magali’s

approach for me feels very much like the sensation of being on waterbed, the water is contained but not my me and able to just flow back and forth within itself. So the horse is in control of its own collection and movement and merely guided by the rider. It really does feel fluid.

Q. How has your lesson with Magali changed your riding?

Riding for me now is much more about opening doors for my horse and allowing them to find their way forward with me as support and guidance. To invite them to challenge themselves and being delighted by what they offer even if it’s not the outcome I was hoping for. I feel this creates a much deeper level of trust between us and builds a far greater desire in the horse!

Friday Special Evening

Perth Friday 1st April & Sydney Friday 8th April 2016

This is a great opportunity to share in the vast knowledge of Magali Delgado & Frédéric Pignon on how to inspire horses to want to learn and engage with us. Frédéric and Magali will share with you their insights and stories about working with horses. They will do some presentations and then we will open up to the floor for questions. It will be a really lovely evening. They are great communicators and just about everything they say is profound.

"When I started to work with Templado I understood that he was very special. He was one of those horses who makes you understand that every horse is very unique. There is no rule. There are no mathematical ways to understand a horse. Templado was a unique personality. He was not like the hundreds of horses I worked with before, and he made me understand that when we work with a horse, we have to adapt ourselves and even adapt everything we’ve learned [before] to this new unique personality. He taught us a lot, but the way he opened my mind…about working with a new horse using all we know and trying to learn more. When you work with a horse, I think it’s important to realize that he could probably teach you much more than you already know." Frédéric Pignon

We encourage you to think about your own horsemanship and submit a question to be answered. We will go through all the questions and do our best to cover the topics raised. Please email your question to admin@ribbleton.com

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Riding in Harmony with Magali Delgado

Liberty & Groundwork with Frédéric Pignon

Perth 2nd & 3rd April  *  Brisbane 7th April  *  Sydney 9th & 10th April 2016

This is going to be an incredible experience!

Frédéric will take us on a journey in understanding how we need to think to create a happy, trusting and inspired horse for liberty work. We have only 6 lessons available with Frédéric. Each lesson will be directed by what Frédéric uncovers with the horse. It’s important in these lessons to let go of expectation, to open your mind and absorb what Frédéric will share with you about your horse.

Magali will share with you her principles of riding a horse without tension & stress. Magali’s lessons in riding are about bringing out the best in you & your horse and are suitable for all riding disciplines. There will be 2 people in each riding lesson and they will run for 1 hour. This is important to Magali as it allows you breathing space to try what she is asking you to do before she works with you again. I have had many lessons with Magali and this is a really great format. A lesson with Magali is one of the most wonderful experiences you will have with your horse. You can read her interview at this link: [click here]

Come as a spectator or bring your horse. All riding levels are welcomed. If you are planning to bring your horse, it is critical that your horse is used to going on outings and is old enough to handle this adventure. Please contact me if you are unsure.

Doors open at 8am. We expect to finish at 5pm. We will have caterers available on the day to purchase food and drinks. Video and photography is not permitted.

Riding in Harmony Lessons with Magali Delgado

Magali will share with you her principles in riding your horse without tension & stress in both mind and body. You will receive one lesson on Saturday and one lesson on Sunday. There will be two people in each riding lesson. This creates a much better learning environment as it allows you the time to explore the information that Magali is sharing with you.

Price: Two Lessons & Spectating for 2 days - $700 per horse/person (excludes stable hire). Video and photography is not permitted.


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