My SECRET to happiness with your horse

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My SECRET to you & your horse feeling successful


My SECRET to becoming attuned with your horse


My SECRET to giving your horse a voice


My SECRET to understanding what your horse is saying


My SECRET to trailer loading with harmony & ease


My SECRET to true liberty with your horse


My SECRET to your horse being more interested in training

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  1. Hi guys , the last two days I have been engaging with the 3 boys with more of a listening atttude , yesterday Leo refused all suggestion with a little bit of attitude, I took a big step back and really looked at him and offered play instead I surprised him ( makes me smile ) so we played with water and interaction with the other 2 boys , Goobz got a bath and fell asleep while being bathed . When we finish I asked Leo again to walk with me and I got a Yes , coolest 6 steps ever. Have a happy day ?

  2. Thank you for these , I have this connection with my dog. I am new to horse myself and now have 3.5 .This is amazing I feel like i have a place now to be able to talk about the energy we read. Bless you with Unicorn love have become a huge fan.

    1. Hi Lesli, I sent you an email last time you contacted me with instructions on how to access your lessons. I am guessing my emails are going to spam or to junk folders? Can you please check. I just sent it again. Please also confirm you have read this post. Thanks Paulette

  3. Also how the philosophy might extend to wild ponies. I look out for some …and in fact issues of number is a big one. Overbreeding. And the how/if to intervene to assist?