My SECRET to happiness with your horse

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My SECRET to you & your horse feeling successful


My SECRET to becoming attuned with your horse


My SECRET to giving your horse a voice


My SECRET to understanding what your horse is saying


My SECRET to trailer loading with harmony & ease


My SECRET to true liberty with your horse


My SECRET to your horse being more interested in training

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  1. Beautiful… I’m doing the ‘Inspiration begins with Communication’ (I especially like the name of the class – now that I’ve written it out I see the intention behind the title) Course. I highly recommend it and also…it gives me the entitlement to go on holidays and workshops with Paulette (who devised this practise). Yipheee

  2. i love the SECRETS. To me there is nothing more satisfying than them wanting to be with me because they want to. I’ve notice it seems to work better for me when i tell myself we are going to” hang out or play” together rather than” work “together . When i work i tend to go back to pull release, and task focused. Instead of connection being the most important. I have also wondered about giving treats as reward. I have had moments that i’ve given them, and other times i’ve felt it made my horse focus more on the treat than wanting to connect.Hum!!! Not sure , there what the right thing is. still trying to work this out. I can also relate to what Tracy says my horse Kirra does the same , often it’s because she wants me to take her down the road to see the mare there. Kirra loves her. I have acknowledge her request a sometimes times but really must we do this every time??She can be so suborn about it.

    1. Hi Ingrid, so glad you’re enjoying the SECRETS! I love how you are trying to focus on connection rather than being task focused – that’s amazing. Using treats is tempting but can also take us away from connection if the focus becomes on the treat. At Ribbleton, Paulette talks about intrinsic motivation for the horses instead. You can explore this concept on a much deeper level in the online course “Inspiration beings with Communication” which you can find here 🙂 Rachel (Ribbleton Virtual Assistant)

      1. At the moment i am doing the “let the journey begin” course which i love. I told myself i’ll do this first . Then i plan to do the inspiration begins with communication.
        It was so sweat yesterday i asked my 3 horses to go into their paddock, as i caretake a community Hall and kids kung fu was about to start. I always ask Tiny ( whom is very alof) Tiny would you bring them into the paddock please. its so sweat she knows what i mean , Tiny set off towards the gate thinking i was asking if any of them wanted to come for a walk (which we do sometimes).Tiny somehow realise i said IN THE PADDOCK . i could see the thought process take place then Tiny turned around and headed for the paddock. It was so beautiful to see how Gandalf and Kirra, stopped, looked round to see what Tinys was doing and then with a frolic turned around and followed Tiny back into the paddock. Awersome!!!!! This made me feel like, yes,see, now i know we are communicating. So i do communicate with them… i am not just imagining this… i am just not aware that i have been doing it. It seems so logical now. i think maybe i didn’t trust that i can communicate with them. ?? and i thought people would think i was silly if i told them we communicate. somehow this became very clear now and I am sure the secret has helped me see this. It’s like the secret is out we can talk openly and t’s ok to communicate with my horses.

        1. Ingrid Let the Journey Begin is a great place to start! Thankyou for sharing your experiences, you’re right – sharing them helps everyone who is feeling that they don’t want to follow traditional practices with their horse so feel there are others out there feeling the same 🙂 Rachel (Ribbleton Virtual Assistant)

  3. I enjoyed the class. Couldn’t find a follow button anywhere. Hope you get back to me on the next class.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Theresa. With the Ribbleton SECRETS you need to enter your email address to access each SECRET seperately. They are all listed here
      If you would like to follow Ribbleton on Facebook the page is called “Ribbleton Horse Training” and you can also join our group “Ribbleton Attunement Horse Training”
      Kind regards, Rachel. (Ribbleton Virtual Assistant)

  4. How do you communicate to your horse that something unpleasant HAS to be done? For example: Farrier visit, vet visit, teeth floating, de-worming or even a bath? I want to respect my horse when he tells me “no” but sometimes “no” is unavoidable..

    1. Hello! This is a great question and a common one 🙂 I hope you will consider our online course Inspiration beings with Communication as it goes much deeper into this concept of rules as well building trust and 2 ways conversation with your horse. Working on these things in your relationship with your horse will prepare you for those times when you need to ask your horse to do something that is needed for their health 🙂 Kind regards, Rachel (Ribbleton Virtual Assistant)

  5. Hi why does my horse keep stopping every time while going to the field or bring in he does this 4 or 5 times everyday, I’ve been very patent, can’t get to the side of him as he starts backing up and the only way to get him moving is some one standing behind him not doing anything then he will walk x

    1. Hi Tracy, thank you for getting in touch, I hope you enjoyed reading the SECRETS! It sounds like your boy is trying to tell you something 🙂 Our online course: Inspiration begins with Communication can help you to interpret what’s happening for him when he’s not wanting to walk forwards, and the best way to approach it. You can read a little more here and watch an introductory video. I hope you can join us, and feel free to email me at for any more information

      Rachel (Ribbleton Virtual Assistant)