OLP – Creating GREAT conversations with your horse


Creating Great Conversations
With Your Horse

What you'll learn

  • How to create space for the conversation to occur
  • How to be open to your horses suggestions
  • That embracing your horse's NO can lead to your horse trying even harder for you!
  • AND how to use all of the above to have a great training session together!

What you'll get

  • 1 horse training video showing you how to create a great conversation!
  • 1 Facebook LIVE video recording where Paulette answers students questions all about creating great conversations with their horses
  • A homework sheet on implementing the training with your own horse
  • Lifetime access to this lesson!

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Inspiration begins with Communication

Transform Your Horse LIFE


your horse




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Inspiration begins with Communication 2

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The Art of Attuned Training

We welcome you to

The Art of Attuned Training!

for both you and your horse

This course is designed to take you on an exciting and rewarding journey of discovering Attunement with your horse

...as you learn how to take your partnership with your horse to a place where training is fun & empowering for you both!

This course is for everyone

It doesn’t matter your horses breeding, background, or ‘discipline’

You don’t need any special gear, an arena, or hours of time to ‘train’

You don’t need to look to others to help your horse, you will feel enough to be all your horse needs!

Home study at YOUR pace...

Studying online is such a great way to learn because you can take everything in when and how it suits you best. But don’t worry, you won't be sitting in front of your computer reading for hours on end! We’ve made sure the course will inspire you in a variety of ways:

? Theory to read & comment on
? Videos of the Ribbleton herd training with Paulette
? The chance to observe clinics
? Guided mindfulness activities
? Slideshow presentations
? Workbooks & handouts
? Action guides for you to take out to your horse

What you will learn...

  • check
    Discover the 4 dimensions of energy and how to bring yourself and your horse into mind-body-balance
  • check
    How to train in a way that puts your horse's emotions ahead of the task so that you keep them happy & inspired!
  • How to help your horse to release their mind & body so that they feel supple and relaxed
  • Empower your horse through concentration exercises that teach them self-control
  • How and when you can challenge your horse to bring about positive motivation
  • That collection begins in the mind and when we help our horses collect their mind, the body follows!
  • To find rhythm and flow in your sessions with your horse, making every session feel successful for you both
  • check
    Build your technical toolbox with inspiration for collection, flexion, stretching, lateral and in hand work
  • How mindfulness & meditation can empower you to be the energy your horse needs
  • How to feel enough for your horse and embrace your strengths
  • Learn how to do all of these things from the ground with your horse. Then, when you are fully attuned with your training, you can transfer the lessons to your riding relationship, if you ride.

Studying online is such a great way to learn because you can take everything in when and how it suits you best. But don’t worry, you won't be sitting in front of your computer reading for hours on end! We’ve made sure the course will inspire you in a variety of ways:

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Living the Horse Documentary – Online

Thank you for ordering our award-winning documentary film…

Living the Horse

Creating this film has been one of the most wonderful experiences of my life. The process exemplifies the way we are with our horses, living in the moment and working with the opportunities that are presented to us

I remember many conversations with my very structured (and wonderful) husband where he would say "so what is the story line?". My answer would be, it depends on what people have to say. He would say "what is your goal?". My answer was "to help change the world for horses and humans so we all experience more harmony". To my husband, this was all very lofty! To me, it was following the path of the horse and the students of the horse. I'm excited that you are about to watch our film. I would love to hear your thoughts after you have seen it. You might want some tissues handy and I encourage you to find a quiet place to watch where you won't be interrupted


Paulette & the Ribbleton herd x

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Ongoing Learning Program

We are excited to welcome you and your horses to our

Ongoing Learning Program!

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In our Ongoing Learning Program we will expand the concepts covered in all of our Ribbleton Attunement  resources in greater detail and provide guidance on specific issues that you may be facing with your horses. 

There are so many AMAZING training & learning opportunities in this program, including...

  • BONUS educational training videos that will be added to the website for YOUR EYES ONLY
  • The opportunity to submit a video of yourself working with your horse for a STUDENT REVIEW If you are one of the lucky chosen videos, Paulette will do a virtual review to help teach all of our OLP members on the website!
  • Regular LIVE Facebook training on topics that are requested by the group (you DON'T need to join Facebook - all of these sessions are recorded and posted in the website component as well.
  • Your specific questions answered in our live Question & Answer training sessions.
  • Access to our growing library of all of the previous LIVE training experiences...our past topics include “Inspiring the unmotivated horse”, “Do I push too much or not enough?” and “Using treats to train horses”.
  • Explore "From the trainers perspective training videos" that you can review as homework to help you analyze our Ribbleton Attunement work on a deeper level.
  • Technical support in navigating both the website component  & the OLP members only Facebook Group.
  • Immerse yourself in a group of supportive, kind and like-minded people and their horses, you don’t have to feel alone, judged, or unsupported anymore.

*****YOU DON'T need to join Facebook - all of the Facebook training sessions are recorded and will be posted right here in the program for you****

****This program works best on the browsers Chrome & Firefox****

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Ribbleton Mini-Course: Why does my horse do that?

I'm excited to welcome you and your horses to Ribbleton Attunement and hope you enjoy being students with me for this course.

Why does my horse do that? This Mini-Course will help you look at your everyday horse problems from a different perspective and give you practical ideas to take into the paddock & arena.

We will open you up to an inspiring way of working with horses. We will help you consider training from the horse’s perspective, figure out what your horse needs, & help you to approach challenges in a nontraditional way.

Each week you will get access to 2 Mini-Course Lessons, each containing 3 Ribbleton Attunement Tips. Our tips are easy to remember and practice when you’re with your horse. Being open to your horses point of view will help both of you feel good about working together and make it easy to implement an attuned approach in the paddock & the arena.

You will receive an email announcing when each Lesson of the Ribbleton Attunement Mini-Course is available to you to view and practice.

You will need:

    • An open mind
    • ​Access to email and an internet browser
    • Approximately 20 minutes to complete each Lesson
    • This course works best on the browsers Chrome & Firefox

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Inspiration begins with Communication O

If you haven't signed up to our course yet, you can by...

Ribbleton – Attuned Trailer Loading – Online Training

Ribbleton Cartier, Rolex, Royelle, Florida, Expresso, & Danica are ready to share with you some valuable lessons on loading in a calm, mindful way that fills our horses with a sense of bravery & accomplishment.

​Our training sessions give you a glimpse of real life, everyday training at Ribbleton. This is work you can easily put into practice with your own horse, if you watch with an open mind and a curiosity to learn.


  • check
    ​Read your horse's energy
  • check
    ​Encourage bravery in your horse
  • check
    ​Train in a mindful, sensitive, & kind way
  • check
    ​Help your horse to self load
  • check
    ​Build trust with your horse

​And remember, you can transfer all of these skills into everything you do with your horse.

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​Some tips

  • Watch one video at a time, take notes, and reflect on your learnings before moving on - remember you have lifetime access and - just like with trailer loading - there’s no need to rush
  • Bookmark this page as you are likely to want to revisit it often
  • Use either Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome as your browser, and always clear your history if you are having any problems accessing the course

Ribbleton – Let the Journey Begin – Online Training

Welcome! I’m Paulette Evans, from Ribbleton Attunement.

Before you begin, a little more about this course...

Our philosophy of Attunement focuses on creating positive energy and working in harmony, to inspire responsiveness with our horses. It’s a simple, authentic approach – and we have found the benefits of learning to understand your horse can extend to creating more positive relationships with people, and more awareness within ourselves.

Communication is the KEY to a successful relationship whether it be with a human or a horse. Foals are amazing teachers as they express exactly how they feel. Each moment they are with you they are saying “this is how it feels to be with you”. This feedback will be some of the most honest feedback that you will ever receive. So prepare yourself to gain a deeper understanding of horse communication.

Whether you have a foal or not, this course will most certainly share with you some excellent insights into how horses feel about different energy, different activities and what it is like to develop mutual trust with a human. The benefits for training with adult horses are exactly the same - and your horse will appreciate the many skills you learn from this course.

People comment all the time on how keen our horses are to connect. They always want to come onto the arena, to engage and to learn. For us this process of inspiring our horses begins the day they are born. We are providing you this unique opportunity to take a seat with us for a period of 12 months and watch the progress with three of our foals, Radek, Faroh and Dior.

How the course works...

  • Each week we will give you access to 2 or more videos of training sessions with the foals.
  • The videos are real life, they are unedited and go for as long as the training session which is typically 5-15 minutes each.
  • At the end of each video there will be a short quiz to make sure that the key learnings are captured.
  • The course is designed for you to take at your own pace. So, just like we encourage you to do with the horses, take your time, spend moments of reflection at the end of each video and try to be fully present, absorbed in what you are seeing and feeling.

THANK YOU for joining us on this wonderful adventure!

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If you would like to take this course and you haven’t registered & paid yet, please follow this link:  click here

Let me know your thoughts...