What if 
everything you’ve been told about training your horse is wrong?

It's not asserting your dominance that helps get a happy, confident horse that is eager to please... it's listening to & understanding the horse & what their behaviour is really telling you.

It’s time to learn about a new way of understanding your horse. 

Luckily, you’re in the

right place.

What do you need help with?

I want a completely comprehensive real-life approach that is practical & inspires me as to what to actually do with my horse, so I can go out to the training arena in confidence.

The Art of Attuned Training is my completely comprehensive course, and will give you all the information and inspiration you need to go out to the arena full of confidence. You’ll get so many ideas of training suggestions you can offer your horse, while keeping the conversation flowing & allowing your horse a voice when you’re together.

You’ll learn every aspect of Attunement through watching my complete, unedited daily training sessions with my horses, as well as theory & philosophy, clinic recordings, slideshow presentations, tip sheets, and a collection of handouts for you to print and keep for each module. Your personalised action lists for each module will give you a solid plan to fall back on for every interaction & training session you have with your horse. I provide online personal coaching in this course is twice weekly in the course comments pages. This course is the ultimate - all you’ll ever need to realise your dreams with your horse, and creative your own unique training art.

I want a whole new way of understanding my horse & to build a relationship of trust and respect that includes personalised support & guidance.

Inspiration begins with Communication is my foundation course, designed to support you - step by step - to build a relationship and deep connection with your horse through your everyday interactions together.

Communication is the key to doing this, and I will show you how to empower your horse to communicate with you. When we talk about communication and conversations, we don’t mean on a psychic level, but simply by understanding our horses emotions, desires, and opinions through reading their body language and expressions. You’ll be able to use this new understanding as a basis to having a conversation, which will make being together (and training or riding if that's what you do) so much more fun! You’ll come aware form this course having gain mutual understanding between you & your horse.

Inspiration begins with Communication PREMIUM now includes a more intimate group experience and weekly LIVE Facebook sessions to answer questions unique to your situation with your horse. PLUS the personal coaching component has been upgraded to premium coaching with Paulette. You can read all about the inclusions here.

I want to help my horse to be brave & embrace the idea of going on the trailer (or anything else that they find scary).

Are you ready for your horse to embrace the idea of going on the trailer? Everything you learn in this course is transferable to all of your interactions with your horse. Trailer loading, like many activities, is about an ‘Adventure of the mind’. Explore this unique concept with me.

I want an ongoing community of supportive, like-minded horse lovers, which includes members-only live training, personal guidance, & a safe space to have my training questions answered.

Be part of a community of supportive and like minded lovers of Attunement. You will get exclusive, members only LIVE online training and personal guidance from me on your own videos & questions. Plus extra lessons and the peace of mind that others care about your journey. The Ongoing Learning Program will complement any of the Online Courses, or is the perfect standalone subscription program.

I want practical lessons to know how to read & understand my horse so that my horse will be excited to learn with me.

Our three young horses will take you on a journey of learning how to be brave and to be inspired to want to learn. This course is perfect if you have a young horse, a new horse, or your first horse. If you’re more experienced, or have older horses, you’ll find this training will give you the essential inspiration to help you slow down enough to appreciate progress, & build valuable new habits of observation & interaction.

I want an introduction to Ribbleton horse Attunement because I have a feeling that there could be a better way to approach my horse’s problems, but I don’t know how to do it on my own.

Would you like to understand your horse’s behaviours better? If you’re not sure what to do when your horse does things like gets assertive, worried, or lazy, this short course can help you figure out what’s behind those behaviours. 6 mini-lessons to open up a whole new way of thinking about your horse.

You are enough for your horse.

I can show you how to feel enough.

What others say...


“It takes great courage to try a new way, especially when it seems like the rest of the world is laughing at you. Mahatma Gandhi once said that the greatness of a nation can be judged by the way it treats animals. Just as 'breaking' a horse was once the accepted way, it is now time for a new paradigm in our relationship with horses - a way that acknowledges the real spirit of a horse and our responsibility to respect that spirit. Ribbleton Attunement is a path to greater harmony and, ultimately, the joy of truly being with a horse and yourself. Once you are on that path you will never look back, and your heart will sing.”



“I feel so relieved to finally have found someone with the same philosophy towards relationships with their horses!! Your work is giving me the tools and language to think about my horses emotions and how to work with him to help him feel confidant. Having a better understanding of leadership has helped me to have clarity in our training sessions. Our connection has strengthened and he has offered beautiful trot and canter circles at liberty with some lovely bend. Most of all this kind of training is fun and stress free! It has confirmed for me that you will always make progress if you focus on what your horse is feeling. So THANKYOU!!"


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