What if 
everything you’ve been told about training your horse is wrong?

It's not asserting your dominance that helps get a happy, confident horse that is eager to please... it's listening to & understanding the horse & what their behaviour is really telling you.

It’s time to learn about a new way of understanding your horse. 

Luckily, you’re in the

right place.

Learn All About 

My Unique Training Approach That

No Other Method Teaches

And The 3 Things You Can Do To Transform Your Horse Life

✔️ How to end every training session on a high note, without bribery - no more treats, tricks, or pressure

✔️ Why your old horse trainers were wrong - gentleness is your biggest strengthnot a weakness!

✔️ The secret to having your horse banging on the gate for training, not running away at the sight of a halter!

✔️Why horse whispering is old school (outdated), and how to become a horse listener instead

✔️ Why positive reinforcement can be just as bad as negative reinforcement, and how there’s a third option that only Ribbleton students know about

AND how you’ll save tonnes of $$$ on clinics, special gear, & trainers by investing in yourself

You are enough for your horse.

I can show you how to feel enough.

What others say...


“It takes great courage to try a new way, especially when it seems like the rest of the world is laughing at you. Mahatma Gandhi once said that the greatness of a nation can be judged by the way it treats animals. Just as 'breaking' a horse was once the accepted way, it is now time for a new paradigm in our relationship with horses - a way that acknowledges the real spirit of a horse and our responsibility to respect that spirit. Ribbleton Attunement is a path to greater harmony and, ultimately, the joy of truly being with a horse and yourself. Once you are on that path you will never look back, and your heart will sing.”



“I feel so relieved to finally have found someone with the same philosophy towards relationships with their horses!! Your work is giving me the tools and language to think about my horses emotions and how to work with him to help him feel confidant. Having a better understanding of leadership has helped me to have clarity in our training sessions. Our connection has strengthened and he has offered beautiful trot and canter circles at liberty with some lovely bend. Most of all this kind of training is fun and stress free! It has confirmed for me that you will always make progress if you focus on what your horse is feeling. So THANKYOU!!"


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