Join Ribbleton in Texas                                  

April 2018

I'm Paulette Evans from Australia and I'm excited to be joining you again Texas. Our Attunement work focuses on helping you find harmony and responsiveness with your horse. Our goal is simple: we aim to inspire our horses to want to be with us and to learn. We are looking forward to sharing our world with you.

We have two options for you to choose from...

1-Day Clinic
Inspiring Your Horse

This one day clinic on Saturday 7th April 2018 will guide you in understanding how to inspire your horse to want to learn!

This day is suitable for everyone regardless of discipline.

Horse participant places are limited to 6 (these are sold out). You can come and spectate and see how we inspire our horses in a gentle and communicative way.

5-Day Retreat
Horse-led Bliss

A transformational experience for you and your horse.

Over the week you’ll learn to find the right energy & balance within yourself to transform your work with your horse, bringing more harmony and desire.​

Open to just 8 people with their horse.

Let's begin by looking at the 1-Day Clinic...

The 1-Day Clinic

Inspiring Your Horse with Ribbleton

7th April 2018

What will it be like at our 

1-Day Clinic?

Our one day ground clinic will help you understand how to work with your horse in a way that is meaningful to your horse. If your horse likes what you have to offer then they are going to want to be with you. We only have 6 Horse Participants places. Each participant will have one private session with their horse. 

Get ready to open your mind to the amazing opportunities we have with our horses when we approach them in a different way!

You might like to watch this video to get an idea of what it is like to train with Ribbleton. It is the trailer for our Online Course - Inspiration begins with Communication.

Join us with your horse or as a spectator and learn how to inspire your horse!

Perhaps you want to immerse yourself in Ribbleton Attunement?

Then join us at our 5-Day Retreat...

 The Retreat 

Horse-led Bliss

5 Days- 9 to 13 April 2018

1 The exploration of your energy and the effect it has on your horse in your daily training sessions. Understand how the things you say, the things you think, the things you do—even the things you don’t do—all produce energy that impacts you and the horse. You’ll learn to find the right energy within yourself to work in harmony with your horse.

2 Immerse yourself in our deeply meditative retreat with a difference. You will discover a more intuitive way of being, working with balance and learning to connect with yourself so you can communicate more effectively with your horse. You will become a more peaceful, easy, balanced and empowered self.

3 Explore techniques that tap into the mind-body-spirit connection allowing you to uncover some of your unconscious programming that is limiting your success with your horse. We will then put in place new rituals that will help you to come into the present moment and create responsiveness with your horse.

The Retreat Accommodation

You will stay in the stunning Fortunata Winery

Arrival on Sunday 8th and departure on Saturday 14th gives you 6 glorious nights at this stunning venue just 10 minutes from Firehawk Ranch. It's your time to escape from your busy life and lavish in the essence of luxury. We are booking out the unique shared suite Villas to accommodate our students.

We will indulge in authentic italian cuisine to pair perfectly with Fortunata wines. Specialties include brick oven pizzas, gourmet cheeses, cured meats and Rosana's famous homemade "special bread".

What is included in our Ribbleton Horse-led Bliss Retreat....

  • Daily Attunement groundwork learning with your horse
  • Mindfulness training & experiences
  • Practices to transform your mind, body and soul in tranquillity
  • Accomodation for your horse at Firehawk Ranch
  • Bedding for your stable
  • Rotation access to the paddocks for your horse
  • A loan horse if you can not bring your horse (limited numbers)
  • 6 nights of luxurious accommodation in shared suites for you at Fortunata Winery.
  • All of your meals for 5 days with catering to individual desires

Let me know your thoughts...

        1. Hi Diane, I haven’t decided yet and won’t until much later this year. Are you studying with us online? There is so much you can do with us in the mean time 🙂 If you would like guidance just let us know. We will need an email address to send the email to.

          1. It is there a way to hear about the Texas 2019 trip when it become available? Also do you have typical pricing? Id like to start saving ?

  1. Hi Paulette, I would love to come as a participant to the 5 day Texas Retreat. Texas is very far for me to bring a horse. Are there opportunities to work with a horse at the ranch?