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We are looking forward to taking this amazing journey with you!
​Bises Paulette & the Ribbleton herd x

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Let me know your thoughts...

  1. I’m in! So excited for Es and I to continue our journey together with you. She wants us dancing together and I need ongoing support & learning to help this happen 😉

    1. I’m so excited too! You two are beautiful together. Going through IBC-P has been a really good lesson for me too. I was reflecting on your journey so far and I’m really moved that I haven’t really seen any of the “behaviours” from other training that we were expecting. It goes to show that every relationship is truly unique. You’re creating a very special partnership together.

  2. I finally jumped, I love the way you relate to horses Paulette it is special and unique, so glad to be here. I have 3 wonderful boys and we have great liberty play but I want more finesse and options.

  3. I’m feeling very good about starting this course, and thank you for your work. My horse Harry and I are going on our third year together. We’ve had some challenges, and due to fear that came up in me as a result, I have limited what I do with him (mostly riding in the ring these days). I very much want to understand our relationship so we can enjoy each other more. Looking forward now to a fun winter with my big guy!

    1. I’m so pleased to be taking this journey with you Marsha. I’m going to take you through a journey of understanding yourself and your horse. Your going to be starting off doing this on the ground.. you may even like to take a little break from riding. Rest assured, everything you learn in this course you will be able to apply to riding over time. The first step is to build your confidence in each other and that is easier to do on the ground.

  4. I’m with Kay, can’t stand the idea of not taking this course, I’m so aligned with Paulette’s work , so grateful she has gone boldy where no one dares to go , who wouldn’t be onboard ! woo hoo power to us !

  5. I couldn’t stand the idea of NOT taking this course, knowing the impact that Ribbleton Attunement has already had on my relationship with Galahad. Sheesh…. So, quaking in my boots, I hit the button….

    Scared but excited….


    1. Super excited to have you and Galahad with us. You are sooo ready for this. I’m so pleased you signed up.

  6. ‘You must make a CHOICE to take a CHANCE or your life (and your horse’s ) will never CHANGE!

    I am hoping two old mares (me and my Dyna) can learn some new tricks!