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  1. Thats a lovely reply from Ranchlady…! I feel the same way. Thank you for offering this. I hope to get back to the time when horses used to side up to their gates to offer me to come onboard….! I didn’t own any horse then…just loved and admired them. So there was no pressure only admiration. That may not be enough but I’m excited to start this journey of discovery. My mare of 38 recently died. I’d like to try working with Max but he is pretty shut down. He was owned and ridden by a teenage boy and so became a robotic jumper. My daughter enjoyed all that too but was not very sensitive with him. I know he can speak. One day he pinned me against the side wall of our former lorry (no lorry or other fancy things anymore…!!!) because I was rude with my request to him to move over. I got it and apologised. He accepted my apology. He is affectionate in my friends improvised round pen…which per your suggestion I’ll be abandonning!! And actually is on my shoulder and receptive but stepping out for a walk…uh ah I ve lost him he’s off….

  2. Thank you for your terrific Webinar today, Paulette. I have bought your course and look forward to all the information. Your teaching certainly aligns with those of Mark Rashid here in Colorado, and also of Buck Brannaman IMHO. It’s all about communication and it’s all about engaging my horse’s willingness and interest and how my horses feel about things in each moment. I believe your course will give me valuable tools for me, my horses, and life.

  3. thank you! i love your work and philosophy. I was searching for online course and I think, this is for me! i just enrolled for “Inspiration begins with communication”. Im so excited!!!!!

  4. Thank you so much Paulette, I loved this webinar “Turn my horses No into a Yes.” tonight and I have enrolled for ‘Inspiration begins with Communication ‘ and for the bonus Online training. I am a woman of 64 in SE QLD and I have a beautiful though sometimes anxious arabian mare. I look forward to learning to listen to her well.