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  1. I LOVE Felicity’s comment! That’s exactly why I have reached out for this program. I one of those horses also – although I have owned him for more than 10 years, and have tried all sorts of things to connect with him, we continue to butt heads frequently. He is very independent, as am I, and we still argue way too much. He is 25 years old now, and I know that he has been trying to teach me lots of important things about how to be, but I haven’t learned them yet. I am hoping this will give me the answers that he needs.

  2. That one horse who makes you step up and be the best you can be. I have owned him for 11 years, retired him twice and yet he still calls to me to keep improving and reassessing. And so the time is right to look at what else there is to learn and what he has still to teach me

  3. I’m excited about learning more about my relationship with my horse Tess, also an apprehension and nervousness,(my confidence) wondering what will unfold, but overall optimistic
    That’s why I have signed up.
    Having a connection with a horse is an amazing experience.

  4. I’m excited and intrigued about entering into this journey with the new-to-me OTTB , Luna, that I will be leasing starting in a couple of weeks. The owner has kindly given me access to him now. Great opportunity to start this program with you. I’ve been aware of it for a few years now and finally feel the time is right.

  5. I’m excited because I have a Foxy Lady equivalent and I can’t wait to converse with him rather than him being compliant but with plenty of body language to show that he’s not impressed! My other horses are at the other end of the spectrum ie dead compliant. I am looking forward to seeing them come alive! Your work resonates sooooo well with them all Paulette! Thank you! X