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Let me know your thoughts...

  1. I have signed up for this course for my unborn foal (surprise from a sweet rescue welsh mountain pony). In the meantime I would like to work with the other horses – particularly the mum to be. She was completely unhandled prior to coming to me. I have another completely unhandled rescue welsh mountain pony – who was very headshy and bitey when she arrived (I think she was bitey and got hit around the head before I got her). And finally I have a darling standard-bred mare who doesn’t put a foot wrong but is very shut down. She needs to know that she has choices now. I love them all to bits and want to build our relationship to be a beautiful thing. I also want my niece to know this way of being with horses because I think it is so very lovely.

    1. Wonderful… enjoy the course and your new baby. I encourage you to start the course now so you are prepared.

  2. I can’t believe I just did this…I swore I wouldn’t, not until I finished the other course. But I am so completely convinced of the value of your work, Paulette, and the way that you teach…I may not start it right away, but just could NOT pass it up. The difference in my relationship with Galahad has been HUGE. Bless you for all that you offer us, Paulette.

    1. Wonderful. You’ll love the course. It’s a big like watching a series where you get to grow up with the little ones. It’s beautiful.

  3. We have already gained a terrific amount of knowledge and been able to successfully apply it just by taking the free courses and through emails with Rachel Ware. It is really exciting to be able to continue on this journey with our 7 horses.

  4. Thankyou sooo much I am ecstatic about being able to participate in such a beautiful program with my horse!!!!