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  1. I have a Morgan and Quarter horse gelding that I imprinted at birth who I believe is bi-polar. He can be very respectful of me and my requests and then can suddenly decide that he doesn’t want anything to do with me and will buck and have a temper tantrum. He’s welled trained but knows how to push my buttons and as a result I have nearly given up riding him due to my fear of what he may do at any given time. Looking forward to seeing if your instruction can get me pass this fear once and for all!

    1. My two yearling fillies and my 13 year old mare are living a free life in a herd in a valley now because I have to undergo a major operation on my feet. I hope they will manage the Gernan winter without the comforts of straw beds in stables and I hope I can learn a lot while not able to walk. And I hope we can build up a whole new relationship when I can walk up to them again one day….
      Looking forward to meeting and learning from you all, folks, meanwhile…..


      1. Sounds like you are all under going some major change. I think most horses are very adaptable and it’s normal for them to live in the cold weather. I’m wishing you the best in your operation and I hope you will really enjoy being with us in the Ongoing Learning Program whilst you all move through this.

  2. I loved your free content and movie so much that I just had to join. I am learning so many new things and I get a bit confused on what to do when so I am sure that the more I keep learning the more clarity I will gain. Thank you for all the free stuff you gave me xox