As part of our journey of attunement, Ribbleton offers horse experience adventures and retreats.

There is, quite simply, no experience like these!

A Ribbleton Body-Awareness Workshop - Australia!

You’ll learn to find the right energy within yourself to work in harmony with your horse. You'll master body awareness & develop your body language and balance. You'll become a more peaceful, easy, balanced and empowered self. You'll learn the art of using whips to guide your horse.

2 Days


A Ribbleton Horse-led Retreat - Australia!

Get ready to open your mind to the amazing opportunities we have with our horses when we approach them in a different way! You can bring your own horse to this retreat, or we can organise one for you. 

5 days & 6 nights


A Ribbleton Horse-led Retreat in Sicily!

A wonderful physical, mental and emotional journey with horses filled with life enriching lessons in the incredible Sicily! Immerse yourself in yoga and meditation sessions to focus your mind, theory through to ground work to open your mind & senses, riding through volcano craters, to forests, to vineyards and beautiful historic villages. All with your horse and your Attunement studies, you will see Sicily in a way that no-one else can.

10 days & 9 nights


A Ribbleton Horse-led Bliss Retreat & Clinic in Texas

Over the week you’ll learn to find the right energy & balance within yourself to transform your work with your horse, bringing more harmony and desire.

5 days & 6 nights


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