Become the Leader your Horse wants:
Transform their behaviours and your Relationship

Without abandoning your gentleness, hiring a trainer or using bribery

Paulette Clark is a horse and human behavior expert. She started training and breeding horses in her early teens. But it wasn’t until she made the shift from horse whisperer to horse listener that she made a breakthrough with her horses.

Since then, she has helped 1,000’s of students around the world build lifelong relationships with their horses through kindness rather than high-pressure techniques.

In this short video you’ll discover:

  • What your horse is DESPERATELY trying to tell you when they spook, refuse to listen, or can't connect
  • How traditional training methods (including positive reinforcement) breed deep-rooted fear in your horse
  • Why your negative self talk could be affecting your horse's behaviours and what to do about it
  • How to lead with the power of gentleness & authenticity (that means you can be YOU and you don't have to toughen up!)
  • Live Demo - How we transformed a lazy, shut down horse to a motivated, connected horse in just a few sessions!
  • Meet our students! From problematic horses to difficult human relationships, their transformations will have you in tears (in the best of ways!)
  • If you love what you see - join us for an interactive journey to uncover the path forward with YOUR horse