Webinar Workshop

Welcome back - I have something to ask you...

Is one of the reasons you didn't sign up the first time below?

Your relationship with your horse is great already

You’ve tried a million different methods before

Your horse never says no!

You find it hard to learn online

Or, maybe you were thinking…

What’s a webinar workshop anyway?

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I’m sure there’s a catch that costs money!

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None of those running time options suit me

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It’s winter right now in my part of the world so I won’t be able to do anything with my horse for months

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I want to assure you right now, that after participating in my webinar...

Your relationship with your horse will go to the

next level

You’ll see that my training is 

completely unique

You’ll be able to

understand your horse better,  

whatever they might be thinking!

If that doesn’t answer your questions about signing up for my free webinar - then email me at admin@ribbleton.com so I know what you need to know to start this journey with Ribbleton.

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