How to TRAIN without resorting to treats, tricks, or pressure - YOU ARE ENOUGH!
I'll show you 3 things you can do to
create mutual trust, respect, & motivation

In this FREE training you'll learn

  • How to end every training session on a high note, without bribery - no more treats, tricks, or pressure & release
  • Why your old horse trainers were wrong - gentleness is your biggest strengthnot a weakness!
  • The secret to having your horse banging on the gate for training, not running away at the sight of a halter!
  • Why horse whispering is old school (outdated), and how to become a horse listener instead
  • Why positive reinforcement can be just as bad as negative reinforcement, and how there’s a third option that only Ribbleton students know about

AND how you’ll save tonnes of $$$ on clinics, special gear, & trainers by investing in yourself

If the times available don't suit, just register and we'll email you the link to watch the replay after the training has finished.

I’m Paulette Clark, the creator of Ribbleton Attunement and in this FREE training, I'll show you what to do instead of using treats, tricks, or pressure & release to train your horse - you'll get to see me with my own horses practicing what I preach.


Are you ready to join me and explore how Ribbleton Attunement can improve your relationship with your horse & help you to be confident enough to train your horse yourself, no matter what challenges come your way?

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